Direct Response Copywriting Tip: two reasons why buyers don't want to believe you

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Today let’s talk about something important, and that is, the two reasons why buyers often don’t want to believe what you’re telling them.

One of these reasons is simply because you aren’t credible.

Meaning, you haven’t presented yourself in such a way that you “deserve” to be selling whatever it is you’re selling.

You see this all the time, especially when people are trying to sell you money-making opportunities.  Someone told them to spend time talking about “benefits,” and so the entire sales pitch revolves around all the wonderful and miraculous things you can expect to happen after you order.

But somewhere along the way… these folks forget to tell their prospects why they should listen to them in the first place.  Meaning… what’s their story?  How did they get into this?  What made them become such an expert?

In other words – what makes them credible here.

You’ve seen this before, right?

Of course you have.  Just don’t forget about it next time you’re creating a sales letter.

Now the other reason buyers struggle with what you’re saying, has to do with being believable.

Meaning, the things you’re saying don’t inspire confidence and trust.  And this has more to do with “how” you’re saying things as opposed to what you’re saying.

For instance, if you say someone something like,  “Do this NOW, because our supply is going fast!”  You sound really desperate and needy — like this is far more important to you than to your buyer.

But it’s much different if you say “Look, the truth is, this book may not be for you.  It’s only for those folks who are really looking to make a change in the way they feel about themselves and the kinds of relationships they have with their family.  And reality is, not everyone is interested in this.”

See, that’s much less pushy, and much more accommodating.  It lets the buyer make the decision and not you.

Make sense?

Good, so keep credibility and believability in mind next time you’re trying to come up with a way to market something.

Your buyers will love you for it… and ultimately… so will you.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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