Direct-Marketing Strategies: 3 Ways to make your offers even MORE irresistible

There’s nothing more compelling — nothing more likely to get your prospects to buy — than an irresistible offer.

So, here are three simple ways you can make ANY offer more irresistible.

1.  Offer something NOW.

Many sales are made online, and often… these goods and services have to be shipped out to you, or are consumed later.

If you can offer some kind of immediate gratification, however — something your buyer can get NOW — you’ll bump up your response rates.

And you can do this regardless what you’re selling.

Even if you’re selling life insurance online, for example.  You can give away some kind of a free health guide… or a “fill in the blanks” financial planner with recommendations for financial success.

If nothing else, give them a booklet about how to do well on the physical exam they’ll be taking, to qualify for their insurance.

When you offer something NOW, people get excited.

2.  Offer multiple media experiences.

If you’re a publisher offering audios, add DVDs into the mix.

If you sell printed text, add in audios.

If you’re selling cigars, toss in an online video showing you a tour of the factory where the cigars are rolled… or a video history about the company.

Point is, the more you can engage your buyer across multiple senses, the more interested and involved they will be — with their purchase, and therefore, also… with you.

3.  Offer a curiosity-provoking bonus.

One one product I released last year, I offered a limited-time bonus and based on random inquiries and feedback I got, I’d say close to HALF the orders that came in, were the direct result of this curiosity-provoking bonus.

And here’s the nice thing — the bonus doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your product or service, even.  It just has to be relevant to your customers.

So for example, if you’re selling organic baby food, you can offer:

“A special non-toxic herb ANY mom can use, that allows you to feel MUCH more energetic and lively, when you wake up in the morning.”

See, this isn’t directly related to baby food, but it IS directly related to your buyers – moms.

You can use these three strategies separately… or you can combine them together.  But either way, they will lift your response rates — and often, dramatically.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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