Direct-Marketing Business Strategy Consulting: How to boost your sales, easy way #3

As you know, there are only three ways to make more money in your business.

One of them is to increase your prices, and frankly, with a few exceptions, it’s actually the easiest way.  And here’s why: see, most people see themselves inside a vacuum.

They think “If I increase my prices, I’ll lose customers and people won’t want to do business with me.”

But that’s not correct.

Basically, it all depends on the kinds of customers you want and the kinds of customers and clients you have right now.  If you fill your pipeline with customers who are loyal to low pricing, then yes, you will lose customers when you try and charge them more.

But if you want customers who are motivated by things other than price, then high prices won’t cost you anything.  In fact, it will make you a LOT more money.

Pricing is only one of the many things people consider when making a purchase.  And it’s usually several notches down the list.  If it wasn’t, BMW and Mercedes would be in trouble, and candidly, so would I.

The truth is, the lion’s share of consumers are far more “value” oriented than “price” oriented.  So what you want to focus on is creating massive value, and then your pricing becomes a non-issue.

The other thing you need to know, is that with one exception (selling a commodity item), it is JUST as difficult to sell something for $50 dollars, as it is to sell something for $250 or $500 dollars.

Don’t kid yourself — in spite of what sales gurus would like you to believe — getting someone to buy something from you, isn’t easy.  So if you’ve gotta work hard anyway… then you might as well get paid as much as possible for it, right?

Or not.  Either way, it’s your call.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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