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Direct Mail Sales: 3 most often overlooked, simple direct mail sales strategies

Making money using direct mail isn’t easy. BUT… it’s also not as hard as you think it is, simply because not a lot of people are using direct mail.

And once you make it work, you get to tap into a steady stream of very qualified new leads, in addition to whatever business you’re getting, online.

To run a successful direct mail campaign, you must have a strong offer… compelling copy… and MOST important… the right list to mail to.

So let’s talk about 3 strategies that can make your direct mail campaigns perform much better.

1. Most important… is your list selection.

This is by far, your biggest challenge, and it’s often where most people give up, too early.

You may have to test several lists, before you find one that’s a winner. But once you find one that works… it’s like finding a prolific fruit tree that produces, all… year… round.

The nice thing about direct mail, is that you can buy mailing lists of people who’ve actually BOUGHT similar or related products.

And having the name of a buyer of your products, is FAR more valuable than buying names of people who MIGHT be interested in what you’re selling, like you’re doing when you’re advertising online.

You see, a buyer is a buyer is a buyer.

Meaning, comsumer’s spending habits are usually repetitive. For instance, someone who buys gold jewelry, or silver coins… doesn’t typically order “one” and then, never buy another item like this again.

Quite the opposite, actually.

Chances are outstanding, they’re buying things like this, time and time again.

You just need to ba patient and test each list. Eventually, you’ll find list compatibility. And once you find this… that’s a nice place to be in.

2. Because you’re investing more money into these customers… think twice about what you’re trying to do.

In many cases, it is MUCH smarter to make a smaller sale, to gain what will turn into a long-term valueable customer… than it is to lose a larger sale — and therefore LOSE a long-term valueable customer.

Meaning… get the order, first.

Impress them and build the relationship…

And then getting bigger follow-up orders will be easy.

So if your normal online “first buy package” costs $200… consider a half-off limited time offer.

Don’t look at this as “you’re losing $100 bucks.” Look at it as you’re gaining a new customer you’d otherwise never have. One that will do business with you and make up for that $100 bucks, pretty darn quickly.

3. Lastly, remember… if your letter never gets opened, I promise you… you’ll never make the sale.

So here are a few variables to test on your envelope:

– hand addressed, versus typewriter font

(different markets will respond differently to this)

– nothing but address on the envelope, versus using ‘teaser copy’ on the outside

Again, different markets will respond differently here.

You may think, “Sure but I heard plain envelopes work better.”

But that’s like saying “Cuban cigars are better.”

Sometimes they are, and other times they’re not.

You’d be surprised how compelling something like this is: “National Safety Expert Reveals: The number ONE threat to your children’s safety in school, right now. RIP this open to discover how to make sure YOUR children remain unharmed.”

If you think a parent is going to get an envelope with this on the outside, and just toss that envelope in the trash… you’re delusional.

In fact, they’ll open it — IMMEDIATELY.

– Test vanity postage stamps versus standard postage stamps

Vanity stamps are pretty cool, and you can even customize them, nowadays.

Like I said, direct mail isn’t easy, but hang in there, and set aside some money for testing this media. It’s not as fast, or as inexpensive as it is, to test online… but like everything else in life… the greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward.

My most successful clients have used both online and offline media. What about you?

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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