How To Deal With Service Problems

How To Deal With Service Problems:

Dealing with service problems is easier than you think – if you deal with them ahead of time. Here, check this out:

All you can do, is the best you can do, right?

Of course.

We all make mistakes, screw up… and do things we regret. That’s just life, like it or not.

And just like you and me, our products and services often have loads of flaws and wrinkles, as well.

But when you’re open about what they are — up front — buyers lower their defenses and they’re much more willing to listen to what you’re saying.

I’ll never forget, one time I was selling my boat. While I was taking photos of the boat, my buddy was with me. He saw me taking pictures of the back seat – it was really the only part of the boat that had any kind of wear and tear on it.

Immediately, he said something like, “Hey, that’s the last thing you want people to see when they buy your boat. Don’t show them that!”

And I said to him, “How do you think someone’s going to feel when they come out here, expecting a perfect boat, and then they see this cushion is worn?”

They’ll be pissed off, and the next thing they’ll be thinking is, “OK, what else is wrong with this boat, this guy didn’t tell me.”

They’ll be suspicious as all get-out… try and bargain me down… probably NOT buy the boat unless they gets an incredible price on it… and even if they do buy it, they’ll have buyers remorse and an unpleasant experience.

My buddy’s not really a business guy so he sort of stood there and said something like “Whatever.”

So… let me tell you what happened.

First, I got several people calling and wanting to see the boat. And, I gave them all the same time to come by and look at it.

Why? One, that’s what was convenient for me, and two… that’s how you create scarcity and a sense of urgency.

Second, since everyone already knew about the cushion because they saw it in the pictures, no one even mentioned it at all. And since this really was the only “flaw” or weakness the boat had – one that impacted neither the functionality or the overall aesthetics – it was easily overlooked.

Lastly, I got two offers to buy the boat, for full asking price.

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Look, one of the most stressful things buyers feel …is an overriding sense of anxiety that what they’re buying isn’t really what they think they’re buying.

Which means, anything you can do, to eliminate this, makes their experience much better — and therefore it makes YOUR experience much better.

So don’t be afraid to list your flaws or weaknesses… in fact, you should be going out of your way to point them out.

When you do this, your buyer knows right from the get-go, you’re a person of integrity.

And that’s something most people are sorely missing – especially when they’re selling something.

Remember, all you can do… is the best you can do.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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