Deadline extended to tonight:

Most of my members and customers and clients are entrepreneurs, and they tend to “take off” on weekends. Meaning, they might be working, but they tend to devote their time and emotional space to family and personal stuff on weekends.

As a result, I’ve had a few people e-mail the office letting me know they didn’t get to take advantage of the free trial of the May issue of Seductive Selling, because the weekend ended yesterday.

So I am going to extend the deadline to midnight tonight. After that, you can’t get this issue any longer.

To take your free trial and get everything below, simply go to (where you can also re-watch the goofy video) and today only is your last chance to get:

* A very ordinary solution to the very complicated marketing problem of “How do I get my business to drive more money into my bank account?”, and how to apply it to YOUR business!

* How to get specific customers to come to you!

* Headline testing examples that doubled response, and… how to use this to set up and run your next Google Ad Words test!

* Sometimes you’d like to use two-step lead-generation, but it is too costly. Yet one step direct-selling won’t be able to give your prospects enough information about your goods and service. So what do you do? The answer is to use a “hybrid” lead generation format and I’ll show you exactly what this is and a live example of it!

* Proven headline tips that create a stronger match with your prospects — regardless of what you’re selling!

* The right way… and the wrong way… to use two-step lead generation, along with a live example of a lead gen ad for a “free report!”

* How to create “order forms” that work! (Hint: simple… is always better.)

* Why most ads completely fail: an unspoken secret that lets your readers know you’re NOT the real deal and you’re NOT telling them the truth!

* In this month’s Copywriting Secrets column, you’ll uncover:

* The difference between practicing… and studying, and what percentage of your time you should be spending on each. (You won’t like this, but it’s the truth!)

* And… how to NOT book guest speakers on your interviews!

* In Weekend Update News you’ll discover:

* Why there’s “no justice” for girls…

* New direct-mail issues

* And Cool URL’s for your business.

* Plus, NINE live marketing examples…

* Along with… this month’s Audio Success CD interview with one of the top Real Estate experts in the country, who’s just come off a massive product launch that was incredibly successful!

* And… much much more, including this month’s life lesson about: The Phantom Tollbooth! Yes, I went NUTS this month since it’s issue number one of my fourth anniversary!

And now it’s yours free at

Now go sell something, Craig

P.S. Inside one of your gifts, you’ll get a tearsheet I wrote that pulled a 7.5% response in a “near dead” and incredibly dull industry! There are more things to learn about writing copy and positioning youself, from this proven successful tearsheet alone… than any other “theory” you will listen to you this year. So grab it at

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