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I didn’t promote my offline newsletter last month because frankly, no one wants to be bothered with anything in December.

However, it happens to be one of the largest and most informative issues of the year.

So I’m making an exception and I’m going to allow you to get your hands on it — for Free — until this Friday, ONLY.  Here’s what you’ll be missing if you don’t take advantage of the free test-drive of Seductive Selling, just in this issue alone:

*  Lead acquisition costs and how it impacts your decision to advertise (or not advertise) in certain media.  This will save you an arm and a leg.

*  Why the quality of your leads means everything to your success.  And when this does… and doesn’t matter.

*  The number ONE reason why you should be advertising offline (on page 3)  This one benefits almost everyone!

*  Why I decided to self-publish my recent book instead of using the conventional publishing/bookstore model: Huge benefits… moderate risks!

*  How this real estate guru is using clever strategy and rock-solid copy to generate thousands of pre-qualified leads – both online AND offline!

*  How to custom-tailor headlines using demographics to create rapport, and time deadlines to create an immediate sense of urgency!

*  How to use “blind” information to sell the daylights out of your goods and services

*  Differences in communication you need to be careful about, when you’re speaking to NEW list members

*  A breakdown of the 12 components of a successful space ad selling information: what to include… and what NOT to!

*  And in this month’s “Classic Ad Review” column, we’ll take apart one of the most famous sales letters ever written by Gary Halbert.  You’ll discover:

*  When to include your name in your masthead, and… when not to!

*  One CRITICAL line to insert at the top of your page with gives you immediate credibility, and gives your buyers much more comfort and security about buying from you — even if they are a new customer!

*  Two important lessons about using fonts

*  Specific examples showing you how to soft sell using enthusiasm and take-away selling, which is FAR more effective than hard-core “pushing”

*  When you should NEVER include bullets in your sales letter (on page 5)

*  In this month’s Copywriting column, you’ll discover:

*  How to re-activate old clients!

*  The right way… and the wrong way to communicate with your prospects!

*  How to change your business without alienating your existing customers

*  And how to implement continuity in the service business, as a membership program!  (this will make you a small fortune)

In this mont’s Weekend Update News column:

*  New cool URLs to use, and, find out…

*  Where good ideas come from

*  In this month’s “Back End” column, you’ll discover what my favorite subject really is!

*  And this month, there are SIX live marketing examples on top of everything else, including…

*  A two-sided lead generation postcard, which uses scarcity… credibility… emotional twists that engage and compel your prospects… bold promises and claims… and “reason why” advertising!   And that’s all on one side of the postcard, only!

*  How to use PURLs (personalized url’s) in your offline marketing

* A successful advertorial I used to promote my book, that shows you how to use: stories… photos… sub-headlines… testimonials… ordering online AND offline… Johnson boxes… guarantees… Checklists… and benefits galore!

*  And in this month’s Audio Success CD, you’ll get to hear one of the members of my Mavericks Group — who does a GREAT job using unconventional marketing in a very conventional industry — spill the beaus about:

*  His secret weapon that got him out of his comfort zone and into… a huge profit zone instead!

*  How he creates personality and identity for his “character” and how he leverages this into new business and cash!

*  His very bold guarantees in a very “un-bold” industry

*  How he overcomes buyer resistance and skepticism in a VERy skeptical marketplace!

*  How he maintains and nurtures a continuous relationship with his “old school” buyers, and… much much more.

Get your hands on all this and more, including a SECOND free newsletter, audio cds, dvds, and special interviews — 18 very real gifts in total (watch the video and see what they are), all yours free when you test-drive Seductive Selling.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  These are the kinds of comments we ROUTINELY get sent in here, about Seductive Selling: “Craig, Just dropping a line to wish you, Anne and your children all the VERY best for the New Year.  Thank you for answering my “value” question in the latest edition of Seductive Selling Newsletter.  It’s greatly appreciated.  The ad breakdowns this month are FANTASTIC! I can’t stop reading them. OK, I’ll leave you in peace now.  Warm regards, Frank”   Frank Edwards – Kent, UK


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