Darwin's Theory Of Natural Selection: Genocide Waiting

So last weekend I went up to Orlando for a few days of R & R with my wife and daughter. One of my sons joined us for one night, but my sons are old enough now that they’ve got lots of recreational and social activities (and girls) they are involved with, so as you would imagine, their social time with us is more limited nowadays.

Funny thing happened to us — a nice funny thing, too. When we got to the Disney Beach Club, the valet told us we had special reservations on the Concierge level. I didn’t even know they had Concierge level in this hotel, and Anne was looking at me just as puzzled, since she didn’t book that level, either.

We didn’t really know what was going on, but no sooner had the valet taken our bags, then another person comes out and says “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Garber, welcome to the Disney Beach Club.” He then goes on to explain how Disney is making “One Million Dreams Come True” this year, and as part of this campaign, we were randomly selected to have our room upgraded.

That was a very cool thing to have happen to you. It REALLY sets your vacation off on the right foot, and having a complete stranger call you by your name creates instant rapport (which is why you should personalize as much of your communication — especially e-mail and direct mail, as possible).

Besides the weather, which rained on and off, we really had a terrific and relaxing weekend. In fact, if truth be told, it was very hard for me to come back to work, which doesn’t happen too often since I really enjoy what I do.

Now I want to tell you a little story about something I saw in Orlando, that was literally astounding to me. I realize I am probably going to offend a bunch of people, but if the truth offends you, then you and I probably weren’t meant to be, and you shouldn’t really be reading these e-mails anyway.


So here’s the deal. I consider myself a pretty streetwise person, but in reality, that’s based on experiences from long ago. Because although I grew up on the streets of New York City, and did lots of naughty things back then, for the last 18 years of my life I’ve lived in the suburbs in Florida, and now for the last 2 years, I’m even further removed from that, living in the styx out in rural west-central Florida.

So combine this with the fact that I don’t really get out very much since I work out of my home, I’m probably out of the loop as far as what’s really going on out there in the world today with respect to certain things.

For instance, one thing I’ve been reading about for the last few years, is the incredible “fat crisis” we have going on here in America. The way they make things out in USA Today, you’d think we’re all about to die.

I can’t envision that, because I’m simply not out and about that much. The people I see in my small little world don’t have that problem, or at least not to that extent.

However what I saw this past weekend was absolutely astounding! For instance, do you know what the biggest lines were at the park?

No, not the lines for the rides — the biggest lines at the park were the lines that formed around all the fat people who were riding around in scooters! Those things take up loads of room and you need to walk way out of your way to get around them.

I was absolutely mortified at the size of some of these people! This went W-A-A-Y beyond being a few pounds overweight here. These folks were like 2 and 3 HUNDRED pounds overweight.

This is not funny — USA Today is right!

It’s almost like you’re going to have some sort of genocide of fat folks if things don’t change. There’s no WAY the human body can exist at massive girth like this.

And what’s really interesting is that all these folks consider themselves disabled, not overweight. They park in disabled parking spots… use disabled accessories… and line up in special lines for disabled people.

So they are buying into the entire disabled mindset, hook, line and sinker.

Very sad, indeed, and tomorrow I’ll share with you, what I felt was the PERFECT story that exemplified the sad mindset of these folks, so stay tuned.

Oh, by the way, do you know the one man who is disliked MORE than O.J. Simpson? Let me know who you think it is, and I’ll tell you the answer tomorrow as well.

Now go sell something, Craig

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