Curious memories from Dallas

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Now let’s roll…

I happened to be in Walgreen’s last week, and since I don’t go in too many stores, when I do, I sort of like to browse around a bit. I’ve become a bit of a recluse, so it’s sort of like seeing what locals do when you’re on vacation.

I especially like this during the Christmas season, because everything is so spirited and dressed up, and the energy level is just higher.

As I strolled down the candy aisles, grabbing a few holiday m & m packages and some Pez for my daughter, and I was taken back to an experience I had about 5 years ago.

I was walking past the souvenir shop in the Dallas Airport, on my way back home…

At the time I was living just outside Fort Lauderdale, and I really wasn’t making any money yet. I dug into my pockets because I wanted to bring home some mints for my daughter — I knew she’d like the small compact collector tin they came in. But when I pulled my hand out, all I had were two crumpled singles in my palm.

That’s it, period.

Barely enough to buy a soda, and too light for the mints.

Remember, who you were has absolutely nothing to do with who you are or who you’ll be, unless you make it that way.

The truth is, that’s why I grabbed a handful of holiday candy when I was in the store last week. It just felt good to be able to do this.

For me, and for her.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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