Craig, your Seductive Selling Newsletter Sucks:

This is the subject line of an e-mail I recently received. Since I put my heart and soul into writing my Seductive Selling Newsletter (which is my offline monthly business and marketing newsletter that is read in 12 countries), I was curious to read the rest of this message, which went like this:

“Craig, your Seductive Selling Newsletter sucks… …any laziness I may be experiencing right out of my body… flushes it down the toilet, and adds a swift kick in the ass for good measure.

Craig, we’ve never met, though we have some mutual friends, however I had to send you this email.

I’m not one to just go around sending in testimonials, but I gotta give credit where credit is due. Your Seductive Selling newsletter is awesome! In the classic style of Gary Halbert and Dan Kennedy, you’re able to connect with your readers in a way that few writers are able to do.

I also have to tell you that I really resisted becoming a subscriber. With all that I have going on, I really didn’t need “something else to read” each month, but after borrowing a few past editions from another subscriber, I couldn’t put them down.

It’s like you said…

It’s not the wonderful marketing information… and it’s not the incredible sales copy re-writes and “A-Ha” ideas…

It’s the fact that you put your heart and soul into every single word every month which helps you to connect with those folks “who get it.”

Your newsletter is like super, ultra, premium, HIGH OCTANE fuel for creating explosive business growth!

Being a marketing consultant/copywriter/info-marketer myself, I know how challenging this task is and from what I can tell – you’ve mastered it. I respect it and now I will read it!

Great job!

By the way, I ordered a number of past editions and they now sit in my library, lovingly housed in their own binder and each nestled in a thick document protector right next to my entire Halbert collection, Kennedy collection, and Ted Nicholas collection.

I look forward to being a long-time subscriber.

Regards, Mike Capuzzi – Philadelphia, PA

P.S. Your positioning article this month was dead on! That should be mandatory reading by every business owner and entrepreneur!

P.P.S. As a fellow “lover of the leaf” I nearly fell off my deck in hysterics when I read that you too, “fertilize your lawn” with your cigar butts. My wife shoots me a dirty look every time I do this. BTW, not sure if you like the CAO brand, but you should get your hands on their
Sopranos Edition cigars. Excellent smoke!!!”

Needless to say I was thrilled to read this e-mail and even more thrilled to pass it along to you. I will also tell you that Mike went on to order every single back-issue we’ve ever published, so I know his testimonial was a genuine one, and I certainly do appreciate things like that.

Why don’t YOU test-drive my newsletter, free for 30-days, at no ris.k to you, and see if you wind up feeling the same way about it? Check it out, right here:

Oh, and make sure you watch the video on that page so you can see the 15 cool bonus gifts you get — because while most people’s definition of a “bonus,” is something you wouldn’t even let your dog chew on, that’s not the case with me at all, but don’t believe me – watch the video on your own.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. Again, that’s — check it out now, and see what everyone’s buzzing about.

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