Copywriting Tips – Which one of these 5 is missing from your offer (at least one, i assure you)

Hey, great call last night.  And if you were one of the people who took advantage of that offer, you’ve got an incredible amount of really solid information coming your way.

Today let’s talk about making offers because a lot of people struggle with this.  The offer is part of your close, and in general… “closing” makes people uncomfortable.

But the truth is, there are only five things you need in your offer:

1.  Describe your goods and services.

How to describe them is another subject for another day, but know that this had better be included in your offer.  Your buyer’s got to know what they’re buying and what you’re offer is.

2.  How much?

Gotta tell ’em how much they’re paying, or else… hello?

Oh, and by the way, even if what you’re selling costs nothing – like if you’re just trying to generate a lead and you’re giving something away in exchange for the lead’s information… you have to let them know this, as well.

3.  Are there any bonuses involved?

And frankly, it doesn’t matter whether you call them bonuses, gifts, specials, whatever… but the sweeter you make your offer — and the more extras you include — the more you’re going to sell.

4.  A reason to act now.

Unless you give someone a reason to act now, it’s going to be hard to sell.  This is where scarcity comes in, and if you were on last night’s call you remember we spoke about this quite a bit.

5.  Call to action.

You have to let your buyers know what you want them to do.  How to order, when to order, and what’s next.  Even if you’re selling something online, or even if you’re giving something away for free… no one knows what you what them to do.

And presuming they do, is a very short-sighted move.

Alright, that’s it.

Sounds simple, right?

Well… that’s because it IS simple.  I have NO idea why people mess this up so much.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  There are dozens of examples of how to use scarcity — especially in the Bonus Chapter 24, inside this book.

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