Copywriting tips: The unspoken secret to writing with passion!

Most people write copy like they’re speaking to their grandmother — they speak too softly and they’re going out of their way to make sure they’re not going to be offensive.

However, when you’re writing sales copy, you need to roll up your sleeves… and GO for it, darn it!  You need to be filled with enthusiasm and excitement, and you need to let this energy splatter out all over the page!

You need to be excited about your product, how you came up with it, how good it works, and how important it is your buyers get their hands on it, right NOW!

Often, I hear things like, “Oh, but my buyers are more subtle than this.  They’re doctors or lawyers or businessmen or HR executives.”

So what?

If they’re breathing and they have a pulse, they will respond to high energy and enthusiasm a LOT quicker than grandma chit-chat, don’t you think?

Look, if you’re worried about offending the few deadbeats out there, instead of entertaining the masses, you’re going to be selling yourself short, Babba Booey.

Now don’t get me wrong.  You should absolutely NEVER lie, exaggerate, use curse words, or try and crack jokes.  But you need to STOP worrying about upsetting people, and start worrying about selling stuff!

So crank up your personal volume and let loose — it’ll make you a bushel of cash.

And besides, being boring may be safe… but safe and alone probably isn’t what you’re looking for out of your business…or out of your life.

Is it?

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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