Copywriting tips: The science of making (good) offers

Most people think they’re selling iPads.  See, you can sell iPads all day long and not have to worry about things like price… sales copy… or the kind of offer you’re making.

That’s because iPad buyers, due to the unique nature of the product… the media sensation it’s caused…  and the social energy surrounding it… already perceive a ton of value in the experience they’re going to have using this product.

But most people aren’t that lucky.  You and I aren’t selling iPads, are we?

So we have to work a little harder at selling.  Apple’s work came up front in the design and engineering… but our work has to come in the selling.  (Which is a great lesson about how there’s no free lunch for anyone, isn’t it?)

Anyway, this is why most offers don’t work.

See, an offer is more than just “here are the goods and services I have, and they can be yours for X dollars.”  As I talk about in How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers, you really need to understand the dynamics of what selling is.  When you’re selling, you’re creating an offer.

And an offer is an proposition to exchange one thing for another.  When you’re selling, it’s typically an exchange of your buyer’s cash for your goods and services.

And if you want to make this happen as often as possible, you simply have to be more persuasive and far more compelling than “I’ll give you this, in exchange for $X.”

People are dead serious when it comes to spending money, and that’s where long-form sales copy typically comes in.  And it’s also why, unless you’re selling something like the iPad, you really DO need to create a HUGE and almost overwhelming perception… that what you’re offering is beyond the shadow of a doubt, simply irresistible.

Bottom line is, when it comes to creating and selling, you’ve got to work.  If you’re like Apple, most of your work comes in the front end in the development of your product.  But for the rest of us…

The work’s in the marketing… the selling… and the creation of your irresistible offer, which typically needs a story… and some compelling details, to support it.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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