Copywriting tips – Re: you vs. me

You recently asked me if there was a  simple “test,” to see if you’re sales letters and e-mails are on the right track.

The truth is, there are about a dozen or so tests, but most of them are so involved… we’d need to be discussing them in person, with examples sitting right there in front of us.

But there’s one test, called a “me versus you” test… that’s simple to do, and easy to understand.

First, let me explain what the test is for.  This test gives you a good idea of whether or not your letter is too “me” focused, as opposed to “you” focused.  See, when it comes down to it, while your buyer most definitely wants to know about you, they don’t necessarily ‘care’ about you.  At least, they don’t care about you beyond how it relates to them buying something.

What they care about is how you, as an entity/person/service provider/whatever… can benefit them in this particular situation.

And if you’re doing you’re job right,  most of your dialog should revolve around explaining how you (or your product or service) can help your buyer.

Usually, in order to do this right, you’re going to spend more time talking about them… then talking about yourself.

With this in mind, here’s how the ‘me versus you’ test works.

Comb through your letter (or ad or whatever), and find all the words in there like “me, I, we, our, and my.”  Then look through your letter and find all the words like “you and your.”  Add up these two sets of words, and if you have more ‘me’ words than ‘you’ words… then you need to go and re-work your material.

It’s kind of like when you’re going out on a first date with someone you really care about.  Chances are great, that person didn’t sit there and talk about themself all night long, right?

Chances are outstanding, that person spent a lot more time talking about you… or asking you questions… than telling you how wonderful they were.


Of course.  And it’s the same way when you’re writing a sales letter.  You want to talk about your buyer, far more than you’re talking about yourself.

At least… if you want a second date, you do.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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