Copywriting Tips: How to make your buyers convince themselves

No matter what you’re selling, people make buying decisions based on emotions.

That’s why the best way to let people ‘sell themselves’ on buying from you, is by pushing their emotional buy-buttons and then helping them validate their own decisions, using good old fashioned common sense.

Here’s what I mean – and of course, you couldn’t do this, unless these assumptions were true: Let’s say you’re selling super-expensive anti-wrinkle cream for women.

Most people just talk about how “good” the cream is.  And in a marketplace like this, where demand is so high, this is often enough to generate substantial sales.

But since you’re smarter than the average bear, you’re going to want to do more.  Like this:

You patiently explain in your marketing, how even the most beautiful women in the world get wrinkles much earlier than they deserve to.  When you do this, you’re showing your marketplace empathy.  You’re letting them know, you know how they feel… and this is perhaps the most important thing you can do to start building trust between you and your buyers.

The thing is, this alone, won’t compel people to buy.  It’ll make them feel good about buying from you, but alone… it won’t necessarily compel them to buy.

You now need some kind of a logical differential that separates you from the rest.

So you might then (if this is true) say something like:

“The truth is, most women get wrinkles not because they’re aging early, or because they’re losing their femininity… but actually, because they’re too feminine.  You see, while estrogen makes you beautiful and sexy… too much estrogen causes wrinkles.  So while many women look at wrinkles as ‘anti-feminine’… biologically… nothing could be further from the truth.”

You see, now you’re giving your marketplace all the reasons they need to spend top-dollar on your anti-wrinkle cream.  It’s kind of hard not to buy something like this, when you’re supporting your purchase with basic biology, no?

You’ve given them emotional disturbs, and emotional support… and now you’ve justified their decision to buy, with practical, logical reasoning that makes sense.

When you combine these two things — pushing emotional buy-buttons, along with fundamental logic… your marketplace winds up convincing themselves to buy.

Which is about the best thing… that can happen… to you.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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