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Copywriting Tips – How To Create An Offer: 3 Most CRITICAL Components Of Your Offer

Your offer is sort of like the chorus of a good song

In the sense that, everything else you’re saying and doing, is all leading up to this one point.

It’s the “climax” of your sales letter, in a sense, just like the chorus of a song.

And there are three things you need to consider, when developing your offer, that are absolutely CRITICAL to your success:

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1.  First thing is, the timing of your offer.

And I don’t mean when you introduce your offer, but when you CREATE your offer.

The best time to create your offer is right in the beginning, before you do anything else.

And here’s why.  Just imagine for a minute… your sales letter is a road map for your buyer.

If your sales letter is a roadmap that gets you from one place to another… then your offer would be your end destination.  It would be the “final destination” — the place where you want your buyers to get off, right?

Of course.

And if you think about it… it’s virtually impossible to design ANY road map, unless you know what your end destination going to be.

Otherwise all you have is a giant space with nowhere to go.

So the most important thing regarding your offer, is to know what it is, BEFORE you start creating the rest of your sales letter.

Then, once you know what it is… your sales letter serves becomes the destination and the journey you want your buyers to travel down.

2.  What is your offer going to be?

Next of course, you need to design your offer.

And this basically comes down to, “What’s your value proposition going to be?”

Meaning, what are you giving away, in exchange for what you’re looking to receive in return?

See, most people just think about “How can I sell this thing?”

But really, that’s only relevant to you.

Your buyers on the other hand, want to know, “What’s in this for me?”

They could care less about your objectives.

So what you want to do, is look at things from your buyer’s standpoint, and then create the best value proposition you can come up with, for this particular set of products or services you’re offering.

3.  Lastly, “How do you make your offer?”

Typically, what you’re after here, is the particular set of emotional buy-buttons that’s going to make your buyers take action.

For instance, is this a vanity sale?

Is there greed, avarice, or envy involved?

Or perhaps there’s some sort of fear of loss, or competitive jealously involved?

In any case, these emotional buy-buttons form the basis of all the sales copy you’re going to write, that makes up your sales letter.

But it all starts right at the beginning… with your offer.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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