How To Write Headlines

Copywriting Tips: Headline Writing Secrets

The one headline secret you don’t want to miss:

One of the best things you can do to increase your ability to connect with your buyers, is to use some kind of “double-bonding” in your headlines.

When you do this correctly, you turn a decent headline, into something very compelling.

Let me give you a few examples of what I mean:

“How To Save At LEAST 43% On Your Next Car Insurance Payment,” is good….

But “How Rockland County Residents Are Saving At LEAST 43% On Their Car Insurance Payments” is even stronger.

Or maybe you’re selling something more personal, like custom-made suits. Something like this will do fine:

“Now Get These $1,000 Custom-Made Men’s Suits For Only $595!”

But this is even better:

“If you are a busy executive, you can now have these Custom-Made $1,000 Suits Fitted In Your Office — for only $595!”

And lastly:

“How to pick up girls who never say ‘No.” versus…

“How even the most insecure guy can now pick up beautiful women who will never say ‘No.”

You see, in the second example for each one of these… you’ve added on another way of bonding with your buyer.

This is important, because the more different ways you can bond with your buyer… the more chemistry you create, and the more curiosity you arouse.

And I don’t need to tell you, the more intense these feelings of curiosity and chemistry are… the more interest people will have in what you’re selling.

So next time you’re creating headlines, keep this “double bonding” technique in mind. It’ll increase your response, because your ad is now targeted more specifically.


Good. Now if you think this is an important concept, then listen up.

When it comes to headlines, you need to whack your prospect over the head, while being as subtle as a whisper about it. And this is where using emotional copy that hits ’em in the “gut,” really counts!

See, above and beyond anything else, your headline is the most important part of your marketing. I’ve made two-word changes to headlines that resulted in a five times increase in response!

In fact, I recently gave a client of mine who is selling consumer products, a headline for a banner ad… that lowered his customer acquisition costs, by 700%!

Look, you do NOT want to mess around here. You have to be as selective in choosing your headline as you are in choosing your spouse!

And in my Client-Getting Ad-Writing Workshop, I give you over 50 different “fill-in-the-blank” headline formula templates to choose from. I also explain the psychology behind headlines, as well as, the RIGHT way, to test your headlines out.

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