Copywriting tips: Four easiest appeals to sell, pt. 1

There are dozens of appeals you can sell into.

For instance, there’s making money… saving money… trimming your belly-roll… becoming stronger and healthier… having more free time… traveling… being more confident.  The list is virtually endless.

But there’s one appeal that’s by far, the strongest of them all.  Want to know which one that is?

You do?

O.K., but first, let me ask you this: When do you typically visit to the dentist?

Probably not the first day you felt that toothache, right?

Of course not.

You probably visit the dentist only once the discomfort in your mouth is so great that the pain of not visiting the dentist is greater than the pain and inconvenience of making the trip over there.


You bet.

And you’re not alone here.  See, most people will pay and do virtually anything to eliminate pain in their lives.  Doesn’t matter whether it’s physical pain, emotional pain, or even imaginary pain.  People don’t like pain, period.

And the more pain they’re in – and the faster and more thoroughly and effectively you can eliminate it, the more you can charge for your goods and services.

And this is why pain avoidance is the easiest appeal to sell, of all.  Because it creates the most discomfort, and your buyers are not built to enjoy discomfort.  They don’t WANT to be uncomfortable, and “want,” not “need,” is what sells goods and services.

Look, finding your products appeal isn’t always easy.  But finding your product’s most likely appeal that’s going to sell it… just got much easier.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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