Copywriting tips: Big mistake you're making when writing to your buyers

When I first got started writing copy, I was told “People are lazy, and that when you write, you have to do things to help them overcome their laziness, to help them take action now.”

Or else… because they’re so lazy, they won’t do anything.

After 11 years experience writing copy, I don’t agree with this at all.

Yes, of course, people are lazy.  But that’s not why they may not buy, and even more important, this isn’t the objection you have to try and overcome.

The main thing that causes inertia on the part of your prospects, is that they’re busy.  Laziness has nothing to do with buying decisions.  Most people are in fact, lazy… but they buy tons of crap.  Much of it, they won’t use… some they will.  But who cares?  After they buy, it’s their life to manage, not yours.

However, the two things you need to aggressively overcome are the business of your prospects, and their natural tendency to procrastinate.

People’s plates are so full, anything that’s not seemingly top priority to them, simply won’t get handled.

Which is exactly why launches — especially where the product isn’t going to be available after the launch — work so well.

It’s the ultimate scarcity, “Buy it now, or you can’t buy it, period.”  That’s pretty much the best way to make virtually anything a major priority – tell someone they can’t ever have it again.


Keep this in mind because when you speak to someone as if they’re lazy, you come across as disrespectful.  But when you acknowledge they’re busy (even if you don’t say this outright)… you come across as empathetic and understanding.

And which one do you think is more effective when it comes to selling?

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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