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Copywriting Tips: 5 Ways To Write A Great Offer

OK, lots to catch up with…

For starters, this is the LONGEST I’ve ever gone, since my business has been online, without sending out a tip. Yes, I’ve definitely been somewhat invisible.

(Funny to think that at one point — say… only 10 years ago… plenty of businesses weren’t online.)

I’ve had good intentions, but every time I sit down, I’ve just been inundated with consulting work (which I really like), copywriting projects, and a couple of outside projects of my own.

Before we get started with today’s lesson… I have posted 10 new “Offbeat Ads,” including ones on bras (really odd ones), farting products (I kid you not), cockroach racing, condoms, and whiskey toothpaste.

Some of them are pretty unusual, so check them out, right here.

Today we’re going to talk about offers.

Aside from headline, story theme, and emotional buy-buttons… I spend more time working on the offer, than anything else.


Because it is, by far… the most influential component of your actual “pitch.” Sure, if you’re not pushing the proper emotional buy-buttons, your buyer won’t trust you or even be interested in what you’re saying…

But if you don’t put a really irresistible offer in front of them… they are simply NOT going to buy, regardless of how much they trust and like you.

So today, let’s talk about five things that have proven to be effective when creating irresistible offers.

1. Offer an unconditional guarantee

If you want to get new customers who haven’t ordered from you in the past… this is probably the most important thing you’ll want to do.

I like using guarantees as long as possible. 6 months… one year… lifetime… whatever you can offer that makes your buyers comfortable.

Of course, if you can’t offer any guarantee, then you really shouldn’t be selling those goods and services, no?

2. When it makes sense, offer some kind of a risk-free trial.

And you can do this for a lot more businesses than you think.

The obvious reason why this is so appealing, is because there’s no obligation on the part of your buyers if they are unhappy or unsure if they want to move forward and “keep” or “stick with” their purchase.

What’s important here is that you’re giving your buyers genuine value for their free trial.

What will make or break your success in using risk-free trials is a few things:

– First, you want your buyers to have a great opportunity to “sample” whatever goods or services you’re selling. Don’t pawn off some crappy stuff to them – make it first class stuff.

– Your ability to be open and honest with disclosing your ongoing terms.

In other words, let people know specifically and openly, what happens after the trial. This lowers refund rates and sets very fair expectations.

It also helps your buyers to see you are a “man of your word.”

– Create a good buying experience for them.

This way, they’ll think, “Wow, if I had this much of a good experience with the “sample,” then the rest of the actual relationship will be great.

This is how we’ve sold our Offline Newsletter and Maximum Money Club, for the last 8 years, and it’s worked great.

3. Incentivize buyers with solid bonuses.

In other words…

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Add in extra value to make the offer really appealing.

BUT — and this is critical — make sure what you’re giving away, would also be worthy of selling.

In other words, sometimes you get a bonus — whether it’s a piece of software or a set of steak knives… and once you open them up, you immediately realize, “Oh, now I can see why they were giving these away. They’re cheap and pretty useless, and I’d be disappointed if I paid cash for them.”

Those aren’t good incentive gifts.

Instead, they reflect poorly on you as a person, and on what your buyers can expect from you as far as quality, in the future.

4. Offer a “Lock” into your pricing

Another great incentive is to offer to “lock” into your prices for a certain period of time, or even for the rest of your buyers lifetime.

This works great if you’re selling personal services like music lessons or financial planning (for asset management fees), but it also works great if you’re selling anything else that gets “delivered” on a regular basis.

Things like meals, jewelry, and any other type of “of the month” club.

5. Lastly — and this one isn’t a strategy as much as it is a very strong “caution.”

Make sure your offers are all communicated clearly.

Meaning, most of the time you’re going to first lay out your “core offer”… then your bonuses or giveaways… and then your guarantee (or re-state your guarantee, if you’ve already discussed it already).

It’s very easy to get mixed up and convoluted when you’re presenting things — especially if you have a number of different things you’re offering, or lots of varying components.

But it’s worth it to go back and forth over your sales letter with a fine-toothed comb… specifically looking to “clean up” ANY potential misleading or even slightly ambiguous words or directions or thoughts.

I’ve actually made this mistake myself a few times — it’s easy to do if you have lots going on, because you are probably rushing.

And this is one of the most significant casualties of rushing – broken flow and communication.

O.K., so that’s enough for today – we’ll chat again in 3 weeks, lol

Just kidding, hopefully I’ll get back to some semblance of regularity soon.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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