Copywriting tips: , 5 ways to create curiosity (most important element of your mktg)

From a copy standpoint, nothing else will ever be as effective at getting your buyers involved with what you have to say, than making them curious.  So here are 5 easy ways of doing this:

1. Reveal the benefits only – be clean and concise:

“Inside: 6 ways to (gently) get rid of those pesky armadillos in your front yard”

We have armadillos now and trust me when I tell you they are more persistent than your ex-wife’s angry attorney trying to collect from you.

2.  Use fear of loss as a benefit:

“The one thing you must never EVER tell your banker!”

3.  Give people the inside scoop from authority figures:

“What Donald Trump is saying about building in this area isn’t going to make you feel much better about investing.”

Here I’m combining authority with fear of loss – that’s like a one-two punch… and it’s very powerful.

4.  Make a news announcement that’s critical to your audience:

Breakthrough Scandinavian Blood Pressure Discovery Finally Revealed!

5.  Make an announcement to a special group of people:

“An open letter to every medical doctor in America who’s sick of playing games with these big insurance companies”

As you can see, to make people curious, just tell them a portion of the story.  Then, simply make sure the rest of the story is interesting…

And you’re in.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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