Copywriting Tips – 5 things your really MUST include in your offers

One of the most important things you can do to boost your sales, is making sure you’re presenting a compelling, irresistible offer to your buyers.

But an offer is like a big machine in many ways. There are a number of moving parts that make up your offer, and if one of them is missing, it’s virtually impossible for that machine to get moving.

Let’s go through a few of these moving parts, right now. Because whether it’s generating qualified leads or trying to sell, each one of these components is essential to your success.

1. Is what you’re offering communicated clearly?

Your offer should stand on it’s own. Meaning, you should be able to read just the offer alone — without the sales letter — and understand what it is you’re proposing, what the value exchange is.

This is a big problem I see in many of the copy critiques I do. Things aren’t laid out clearly and lots of assumptions are made, that the buyer is supposed to somehow know what’s going on, on their own.

This is a HUGE mistake.

Pretend you’re talking to your 9 year old child when you’re laying out your offer. You really need to make things THAT clear.


Because people don’t give you money if their uncertain about what’s going on. You probably don’t, right?

Well, no one else does, either.

2. Make sure everything you’re offering is associated with a benefit.

Remember, just because something makes sense to you, doesn’t mean your buyer understands why this is in their best interest.

This is especially important when you’re talking about your bonuses. Most people just list bonuses as if your buyers are supposed to jump for joy just because they exist.

Wrong-o, daddy-o.

If they don’t know what these bonuses do, how they benefit them… they are absolutely worthless. No one cares about your free special report unless they know what it can do for them.

3. Restate your guarantee.

Whenever you’re asking for something, make sure you’re also comforting your buyer by minimizing, or preferably, eliminating their downside risk. Reassurance is important here.

These folks don’t know you. At this point, you’re just another person in a very long line of people who want something from them.

4. If you’re selling something, make sure payment terms are crystal clear.

If there’s ongoing charges, make sure these are crystal clear as well. Offering payments here will always boost response, even on small items.

One thing I did, for example, was allow people to make two payments when they buy my book. Not because people can’t afford it – it’s certainly not expensive and the value proposition is extremely weighted in favor of the buyer. BUT… because it shows I’m not overly preoccupied with taking your money and then potentially not giving you value for it.

Allowing payments not only makes things affordable, but it also shows a commitment to your buyer, and integrity in your product.

5. Two choices, that’s it.

Especially if you’re selling online. More than this gives your buyer an excuse to leave because it gets somewhat confusing.

And if it’s confusing to make a decision, guess what? It’s not worth their time.

Got it?


Look, you and I both know there’s more quality information in today’s e-mail than you’ll get out of most people in a month or two. So don’t waste it, OK?

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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