Copywriting tips – 3 Ways to write a closing P.S.

Great copywriting tip today:

Gotta close out most of your letters and ads with some kind of a P.S.

The P.S. is your ‘goodbye handshake.’  It’s your last chance to grab your reader by the lapels and get them to take action, so do NOT dick around here.

In Chapter 24 of “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” there are over 15 different kinds of P.S.’s you can use, along with the strategy behind each one of them.  I even cover how many P.S.’s you should use as well (most people use WAY too many).  But since we don’t have all the time to get into this, let me give you 3 different strategies you can use when you’re writing a P.S.

1.  Offer a special bonus.

Since most P.S.’s get read by serious buyers, it’s a place where you can give away, or restate the value and importance of a special bonus you’re offering.

Remember, the sweeter the offer you’re making, the greater the response you’re going to get.  So remind them just how sweet your offer is.

2.  Restate your guarantee.

If someone’s gone through your letter and they’ve made it down to your P.S., then it means they’re interested.  But they may still be uncertain or skeptical about whether or not the promises you’ve made, are authentic.

Meaning, will you deliver… or not?

This is a great place to restate your guarantee, to remind even the greatest skeptic around… there’s no down side to them in this situation.

Of course, guarantee or no guarantee — please do deliver and make them a life-long customer — that’s the point of all this, right?

3.  Lastly, one thing I like to do is make my buyers regret their decision if they decide not to order.  And one way of doing this is by reminding them their problem isn’t going to go away on it’s own.  Maybe something like this:

“Look, the truth is, back pain is one of the worst things in the world, any man or woman can be faced with.  So if you can tolerate your pain day in and day out… night in and night out, then perhaps this isn’t for you.  But if you’re ready to stop having your entire life revolve around whether you can sit up or not… or whether you were able to find that one position that let you sleep last night — or not… then ordering XYZ may bring you… the greatest relief… and the most joy… you’ve ever experienced… in your life.

And with this 180-day “Guaranteed to work or double your money back” promise… what is there to lose?”

What this does is, if they’re on the edge of the fence… it keeps them coming back.  Checking, checking, reading, re-reading… until one day, eventually… they’ll buy.

As long as you’ve done your job and stayed in touch with them.

But that’s another subject… for another day.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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