Copywriting tips: 3 ways to make "headline news" and get your ads opened and read

I’m off to go and see my younger son wrestle in a tournament early this afternoon, and today’s the first day the weather’s been warm around here in about two weeks, so life’s looking good as well sail into the weekend…

Let me show you an easy way to get your reader’s attention.  It’s not going to be something you can use on a permanent basis, but it is something that will make heads turn situationally.


O.K., good.

Appreciate that one of the reasons “news” is so popular is because it deals with things going on in people’s lives, right NOW.  It gets attention because it’s relevant toDAY.  So with this in mind, here are three ways you can leverage “news” into winning headline promotions.

1.  Use Well-Known Holidays

Any time you’re coming up to a well-known holiday, you can use this in your headline.  See, the whole thing about news and why it’s so compelling is because it is a reflection of the things people are thinking about.

So while something like “Slash $100 Off” might be effective, saying “Slash $100 Off On Halloween Only!” is even more compelling.

Another example is:

“Lose 5 Lbs. Before Easter Sunday!”

Remember, entering the conversation your prospect is already having in their mind, is priceless.

2.  Unusual Or Special Events

In many small towns (mine included), there are events like July 4th Parades, charitable organization banquets, and local fairs.  Each of these events gives you an opportunity to leverage your business.  Things like this:

“Local Gunsmith Reveals Shooting Secrets Just In Time For The County Fair Western Show”

And while it might sound corny to use some of these events, the point is… because the topic is fresh in your prospect’s mind, you’ll get noticed.

3.  Talk about the new year

This is more timely than ever, right now.  And you probably only have two or three more weeks to take advantage of this.

Things like, “Make More Money In 2010 Than In Your Last Three Years Combined: Guaranteed!”  Or…

“Protect yourself and your family in 2010 — or else!”

“This year, make your love life special”

See how easy and timely this is?


These are three very simple ideas you can adapt to almost any business.  All you need is a pen and a pad… a few minutes… and a minimal amount of drive, and the sky’s the limit.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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