Copywriting Tip: 7 Ways to make SURE your buyers read your copy

I do a LOT of copy critiques, and an extremely common problem people have, is “readability.”

Meaning, your copy isn’t presented in a way that’s makes reading it — and therefore understanding it… and therefore BUYING from you — as easy as possible.

Here are a few easy rules to follow, that make your copy MUCH more readable:

1.  Keep your paragraphs short – no more than 2-3 sentences each.

2.  Your sentences should generally average no more than 20 words each.  And some of your sentences (and paragraphs) will only be one or two words in length — this is completely normal and actually ads a huge “conversation factor” to your copy.  (see Chapter 23 in my book for more specifics on this.)

3.  Most of the times, if your sentence feels “weird,” you fix this by splitting it into two smaller sentences.  This generally solves most writing problems when clarity is an issue.

4.  One idea or thought per sentence — ONLY.

5.  Skip a space in between each paragraph.

6.  Indenting your paragraphs makes things easier to read – yes, even online.

7.  Make sure you use things like bullets, lists, and sub-headlines, liberally throughout your copy.  At least one of these items per conventional offline sheet of paper.

Following these rules gets even the longest sales letter read.  Yet… no one’s going to be aware of how long or how much they’re reading, because the reading is easy, and it doesn’t feel like “work.”

Because let’s face it, no one’s jumping out of their seats to give you money… if it feels like “work.”


Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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