Copywriting Secrets – 3 ways to sound sincere (not that smart the first time, not that dumb the second)

Most sales letters aren’t very good.  And in fact, in the business oppty. marketplace, most sales letters are pretty close to awful.

And here’s why: when you’re writing to someone, you want to speak to them the same way you’d speak to them in person.  And I don’t know what you’re experience is, but I’ve never met anyone in my life, who’s sat down and spoken to me, face to face, and said things like this: “It’s Incredible!”  “You do nothing and money just comes to you!”  “I got to go to Hawaii… and I did nothing!”  “This is an amazing chance to live your dreams and make all the cashola you want, and it’s free!”  “Yes, we’ve never met, but I’ve devoted my entire life to helping people just like you, become free!”

When I read stuff like this, I feel dirty — like I need to take a shower.

Let me correct what I said a minute ago: I’ve never met anyone in my life who’s spoken to me like this… and then walked away with any of my money in their pockets, is what I should’ve said.

And this is what’s going on with all these sales letters.  No one’s really selling much of anything, because people really aren’t as stupid as you think they are.  Or… put it this way – they might not be that smart — the first time… but they’re not going to be that dumb, the second time.

Being “slick” might work the first time, but that’s probably not what you care about.  You want to know how to build long-term continuing streams of revenue and repeat business.  Not one-shot “wham bam thank-you ma’am” hits.


Of course.

And if you want to do this, then you have to be sincere and you have to SOUND sincere.  And you have to sound sincere in your own voice – not in anyone else’s.  So here are three things you want to do, so your buyers truly believe in your sincerity.

1.  Write to ONE person only.

Most people write and speak as if they were standing in front of a podium, speaking to hundreds of people.  But the truth is, you’re not speaking to hundreds of people.

When someone reads your sales letters or ads — and this is true whether you’re writing online or offline — it’s just you and your buyer, one on one.

Reading is a very intimate act, so write like you’d speak – to ONE person at a time.

2.  Know exactly who you’re writing to, and imagine they’re right next to you and you’re having this conversation with them.

For example, if your buyers are busy men between the ages of 36 to 50, don’t speak about things like Rachel Ray… Cosmopolitan magazine… and Oprah.  That demographic simply isn’t motivated or interested in these subjects.

When you do this, it sounds like you have absolutely NO idea who you’re talking to.  And when people are disinterested in what you have to say, they’re most definitely going to be extremely disinterested in giving you any money.

They’re going to stop reading before you want them to, and your sales will suffer.  Talk to people about the things THEY like.  Make analogies about things THEY can relate to – NOT things you like, or things you can relate to.

Look, when it comes to making friends, common interests are important.  But when it comes to selling, your personal interests are 100% irrelevant.  The only thing that counts is what your buyer is interested in.

3.  Never ever “convince” your prospects to buy.

When you come from a convincing standpoint, you’re done before you even get started.  Instead, presume everyone reading your sales letter is already interested in buying what you want to sell.  And then, focus on simply explaining why this product is better than your competitors product.

Give them reasons to believe!

Focus on the benefits… on what makes your goods and services unique… and on the guarantees.

Do these 3 simple things, every time you sit down and get ready to write… and in a very short time, you’ll suddenly be writing in your own, quite sincere “voice.”  And rest assured, it’ll be the believable voice you need… to sell whatever it is… you want.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  There is an ENTIRE chapter that shows you how to be sincere, called “How To Establish Unshakable Trust And Rapport” (30 pages long) in here.

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