Copywriting Secrets: 3 questions you MUST answer before writing your next promotion

The other day we talked about some great resources to look into before writing your promotion.  These resources give you critical marketplace information you need to understand before writing your next promotion.

Once you get all these resources, and your working knowledge of your marketplace is all sorted out — then what?

Then, you need to turn your focus inward and start examining whatever goods and services you want to market.  You need to put them underneath a microscope — and… you need to approach this as if you’re looking at someone else’s project — NOT your own.

This gives you the objective distance you need to come up with the answers that are going to make you the kind of money you want.

Here are three different questions you have to ask yourself (and answer) about your goods and services that let you put ‘yourself’ under a microscope:

1.  What are the features and benefits of your product or service?

Remember, features are what something does… and benefits are what something does for you.

As an example, the computer I’m writing this on, is really fast and it looks great.  But that’s a feature.

However, the fact that this cuts down the amount of time it takes for me to perform tasks, and that it looks aesthetically clean, are some of the benefits of these features.

Make sense?

If you need more clarification with this, I have an entire section in one of the many bonus chapters inside “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” that explains how to communicate your benefits.  (see pages 308 – 316)

2.  How is this product different from your competitors?

The answer to this question is by far, the most important component of your promotion.  If you can’t make yourself different, then why should someone buy from you instead of from your competitors?

You should be spending more time on this issue than any other.  In fact, if you want to focus only on this, and start your product and promotion creation from this point alone, the likelihood of your success is dramatically increased and much more assured.

3.  Lastly, how do you want to position yourself in the marketplace?

Most effective?


Most reliable?

Most unique (and if so, how are you unique)?

Biggest?  (not really any benefits to this, so you’ll have to create one)

And so on.  This ties in directly with #2, so work on these together.

Again, for most people this is another really difficult issue to nail down.  That’s why, in “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers” there’s an entire chapter (Chapter 10) dedicated exclusively to positioning.

Ask yourself these three questions… and you’ll have more answers than you need, to create a promotion that’s functional… compelling… and most important — effective.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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