Copywriting Mistakes: A Major mistake you're making when you're speaking to buyers

There is a very simple copywriting strategy that separates all good communicators, from everyone else.

At first, when you use this strategy, it might feel “awkward.”  But rest assured, it feels very normal for your readers and buyers, so ignore your own urge to change.

What I’m talking about is…

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Only speaking to one person when you write.

For some reason, most people, write as if they are standing up on a stage, talking to a thousand people.

I see a lot of things like, “You guys already know that…”

And, “The most important thing all of you can do, is…”

But the problem is, when you speak like this in print — even though this is actually what you’d say if you were on stage — you’re missing out on a key opportunity to interact with your audience in a very personal way.

See, reading is a very intimate act!

In fact, it’s one of the few opportunities you have to develop a relationship with your buyers, where no one else is competing for their attention.

So when you’re speaking, you want to address your buyer, one on one — because in their mind, that’s what’s going on.

So you say things like, “Look, you’ve been down this road before.  You know what happens next…”

Or… “It’s important you don’t make this mistake a second time.  After all… “

And this creates the intimacy and rapport, you’d otherwise rarely get.

So make sure you take advantage of it.  Remember, one on one is where you want to be with your sales copy — always.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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