Copywriting Courses: why most headlines don't work

If you own my book, then you’ve already got the formula (on page 302) for creating incredibly compelling headlines that will get noticed regardless of who you’re talking to, and no matter what industry you are in.

However, let’s talk a little more about why this formula – which tells you HOW to capture your reader’s attention – is so effective.

The bottom line is, your headline has to give your reader some kind of incentive to take the time out of their schedule and read what you have to say.  There has to be some kind of a ‘reward’ for them to read.

And, the reward has to be big enough so they’ve got incentive to continue reading, beyond your headline.

Let me summarize this — and trust me, this going to be cheap and cheerful.  An effective headline must:

1.  Call out, or identify the readers you want.

No sense in wasting your time with people who aren’t qualified, right?

2.  Your buyer must be given some kind of a ‘reward,’ or a “big promise” that will keep them interested.  It must be compelling enough so they’ll “want more.”

3.  And lastly, there must be some kind of a benefit you’re conveying to them.  Or, the implication that there’s going to be a really interesting benefit if they continue reading on.

This is why the formula for headlines on page 302 of my book, is so effective, and has proven to work in so many different scenarios.

Headlines are like air for your ads and sales letters – make sure you are letting yours breathe as much as possible.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  There is nothing random, irrational, or “lucky” about the strategies inside “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers.”

The “good old days” when you could just sit back and easily attract loads of new business, like ants to a splotch of grease on top of a picnic table, are today… nothing more than a distant faded memory.  A slice of nostalgia to reminisce about, the same way you might reminisce about the first time your daughter wrapped her gentle little hand around your extended index finger, or the first touchdown you ever made.

Or not — it’s up to you.

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