Copywriting Courses – Day 22: HUGE communication mistakes that are costing you money right now

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Some people are going to laugh their ass off at my response to today’s question… and others are going to think I’m just a callous son of a bitch.  But no one’s going to accuse me of sidestepping issues or not giving very straight-forward advice.  So here goes:

Today’s question comes from Steve Hobbs.   who says, “Hi Craig …

I’m master navigator for WELLTH Learning Network … My clients are: Mid level managers looking to create culture of choice (I call the well-living workplace until they identify the name of the culture).

Well-Living Workplace™ is a place of work where people work well together (have an insight book, journal and workbook, working on an instructor manual)

Mid-level managers who have the desire to work via the Help Them Help You Manage value proposition where them = managers and you = managers.  And mid-level managers who seek to emerge into leading.  Of particular interest are the Gen Y becoming Managers – how to guide them faster, easier and cheaper to their new assignments.

My biggest marketing challenge (as a perceived Boomer) is to connect with the Millennias to turn them on to:  Creating the Well-Living Workplace – creating a culture of choice
Help Them Help You.  Cheers, Steve”

There are so many very basic things wrong here, I almost don’t know where to start.

To begin with, how about speaking English?  I can’t even get through one sentence and actually understand what’s going on here.

A ‘master navigator?’  What the hell is that, someone who charts boating courses over the Atlantic Ocean?

What’s a ‘culture of choice?’  Does that mean, for instance, if you’re born Puerto Rican but you’d rather be Japanese, that Japanese is your ‘culture of choice?’  In that case, my culture of choice is “Switzerland.”  They’re all pretty good-looking and well built there.

And what’s a Millennias?  Isn’t that a car by Nissan or Mazda or something?

I don’t care if this guy’s selling $100 dollar bills for ten bucks.  If no one can understand what the hell you’re talking about, you will make NO sales.

Look, I am a really big fan of developing proprietary systems and unique descriptions for what you’re doing.  In fact, it’s one of the most important things you can do for yourself.  It bullet-proofs you in so many different ways it’s not even funny.

But these proprietary systems have to be called names your buyers can relate to.  They have to push some kind of emotional buy-button, and they have to be tangible and somehow offer some kinds of benefits your buyers want.

You can’t create things that are so complex no one understands them.  Which is exactly what’s going on here.  I have literally no clue what this fellow’s saying and I bet you don’t, either.  And rest assured, if you and I don’t understand it, someone’s who’s being approached for money, is going to be virtually “allergic” to this.

Write in plain old English and you won’t ever go wrong.

Oh, one more thing.  Sometimes speaking ‘above’ your prospects comes from either being in love with yourself or what you’re selling, or from having an overactive ego.  Each one of these things will destroy you when it comes to sales.

When it comes to selling, the only thing that counts is… people are buying and they’re thrilled with their purchase.

Remember… you can’t pay your mortgage or kiss your wife and kids goodnight with ‘ego.’

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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