The 5 Most Powerful Conversion Strategies Of All Time:

Craig Garber  
Craig Garber
Dear Friend,

Here's a quick way to immediately convert fresh new leads into high-paying customers and clients. These conversions will also happen faster and much easier than ever before.

The truth is, you may boost your conversion rates by over 310%, in some cases. At least, that's what happened to a recent client of mine who used the strategies I'm about to share with you. I’ll even show you his promotion and go over it with you, so you can see what he did.

In fact, here’s a promise: 60 days from today, you’ll have more money in the bank.. be in a much stronger overall financial position... and have far less anxiety than you've ever had -- all without working any more hours, or doing virtually anything different.

Why? Because the fastest way to make “easy” money, in any business, is simply by improving your conversion rates. So here are...

5 Critical Mistakes That KILL
Conversion Rates, And How To Avoid Making Them:

If you’re like most people, these 5 mistakes are costing you a small fortune, so pay close attention:

Mistake #1: Your lead generation message isn't congruent with what you're selling

What happens here is, the messages you’re using to attract leads, simply don’t match -- or they aren’t a close enough match -- with what you're ultimately selling.

So you wind up getting a lot of people on your list of leads, who showed up expecting one thing, but who were ultimately disappointed, because you offered them another.

It's like this - imagine walking into a restaurant thinking you're going to sit down and tear into a nice juicy rack of baby back ribs, and a cold bottle of beer. But instead, surprise! All they're serving is Vegan food.

That would be disappointing, wouldn’t it?

Of course. And this is only a general situation. In reality, it’s typically much worse. Like when you're specifically looking for affluent customers… and instead, because your messages weren’t congruent with who you really want to sell to… you wind up attracting people from all kinds of income demographics.

This winds up turning into yet another non-productive, frustrating transaction for everyone. You’re frustrated because none of your buyers are qualified… and your buyers are frustrated, because many of them might want what you're selling, but they simply can't afford it.

All because you didn’t qualify them up-front. You didn’t use the right words in your ads, to attract the specific buyers you really wanted.

If you find yourself dealing with a lot of unqualified prospects and tire-kickers… you're probably making this mistake a lot more than you think.

And the bottom line is, the quality of your leads, strongly impacts your ability to convert them quickly. Which is why, dealing with better qualified leads in the first place, is the fastest way to increase your conversion rates.

For instance, I used this strategy with one client of mine, and his leads went up by 51%. But because these leads were also more qualified leads, his net cash-flow went up by over 60%.  This was one of the best campaigns I ever wrote, as far as lead generation response and conversions.

And I’ll show you how to get a copy of this ad, along with a step-by-step critique of it, in just a minute.

How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers  

Mistake #2: Your goods and services are too expensive

For the most part, this seems like a mistake, but in reality, it’s a myth. And that's because people buy what they WANT to buy, regardless of price.

However there are some important conversion strategies you need to consider here. Most important, you need to make sure you’ve clearly established and communicated a proper USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to your buyers.

This is the only way they can understand and justify to themselves why you cost more and why they should have no problem paying more. Remember, price is only an issue in the absence of value.

Mistake #3: Your prospect has forgotten about you

Prospects, and even existing customers and clients, are like your neighbors. If they don't see you or hear from you on a regular basis, they'll have absolutely no reason to think about you.

So make sure you're constantly following up with your leads and with your buyers. Because the people who hear from you most often, are also the ones who will convert to paying customers, fastest and most often.

I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve worked with over the years, who turned their business around, simply by committing to a consistent follow-up marketing program.

And it doesn’t matter whether you follow up online or offline, or both. What’s critical is that you’re following up in the most high-impact way possible.

This means, saying the right things (and avoiding the wrong things)... and communicating using the right media. This will vary, depending on what you do and the nature of your client relationships.

Just keep in mind, there’s conversion gold in your list, when you’re consistently following up with your buyers.

Mistake #4: Your Prospects Don't Trust You

There are a number of reasons why your prospects may not trust you, and most of them have absolutely nothing to do with whether you’re actually honest or not. But in general, when your trust is questioned… this means your buyers either don't believe you… they don't think you have enough credibility… or they simply don't like you.

If they don’t believe you, they think you’re not being truthful. And this comes from how you speak, what you’re saying… and how often you’re saying it.

If you aren’t perceived as being credible, this means people don’t think you have a “right” to be selling these particular goods and services. In other words, your “expert status” and your authority, is somewhat questionable.

And since people only do business with people they like, when you’re not well-liked, no one’s going to buy from you, plain and simple.

This is why, you must use specific conversion strategies that are purposely designed to make you believable, credible and liked.

Let me give you an example of how to create trust. I have a client who came to me for help starting his consulting business, from scratch.

Here were just a few of the things we did in his ad, to increase overall trust:

  1. We used a “common enemy” theme, of us versus them. When you use this story line - especially if you use it in a humble and empathetic way… buyers will be mesmerized by you, the way children are mesmerized by puppies…

  2. We also led off our ad, with a very strong sense of empathy and compassion. This lowers your buyers “sales defenses” and makes them much more open to hearing what you have to say…

  3. We also discussed current problems our buyers are having in their business. But even more important...

  4. We discussed common FEELINGS these problems cause for our buyers. But again, we discussed them in an empathetic and very specific way...

  5. And finally, we also talked about the common myths these buyers first get lured in by, and the harsh truths, they all eventually learn….

We did all these things discretely, yet very directly. And what did these conversion strategies do for us?

Only this: a conversion rate more than 310% higher than normal conversion rates in this same media, selling to the same audience. And stick around, because in a minute, I’m going to show you how you can get a copy of this ad, and I’ll also walk you through the entire ad, step-by-step… showing you exactly what we did, and why we did it.

The bottom line is, unless you're using specific conversion strategies to make sure your buyers believe you, like you, and think you're credible... they won't trust you, and they won't buy.

Oh, and today, my client is now successfully selling monthly consulting programs at $3,600 a pop, so everything worked out great! 'Nuff said.

Mistake #5: Your Prospects Don't Trust Or Believe In Themselves

This is one of THE most common reasons why people don't buy. They feel unable or undeserving of success, for one reason or another. Mostly due to some past events in their lives or because of some negative messages in their mind.

It's very difficult to overcome these “undeserving” feelings. And when it comes down to it, it’s actually kind of unfair you even have to deal with this in the first place.

After all, you and I have enough of our own baggage to deal with, right?

Of course. Lord only knows, the last thing we want to do, is play armchair therapist with our buyers.

However, as unfair as this seems… you really must address this in your marketing, using specific conversion strategies that wind up gently encouraging your buyers to feel warm and optimistic about what you’re offering.

But once you do this… once you have them believing their life with you in it, is even a little better than their life without you in it… BAM! You’ll find yourself making loads of sales, without any hassles.

Here’s What You Must Know About These Conversion Secrets:

Look, I’m not one of those celebrity gurus.

I DON'T sell “instant money”… there's virtually no hype in any of my sales copy… and I’ll be the last person to tell you making money doesn’t involve “work.”

Why?  Because that's not reality, and call me quirky or something… but I LIKE reality. It’'s fun and exciting, and challenging and rewarding. 

But if you have to work, then you might as well be armed with conversion strategies like these, that let you avoid and overcome these mistakes. Because this lets you make a lot more money, with the same amount of effort.

And if you agree, then listen up.

I’ve just put together a new marketing program, and it’s all about conversion strategies.

Watch your conversion rates go sky-high!  
Wacth your conversion
rates go sky-high!

It’s called Psychological Conversion Strategies, and here’s what’s included in the “Basic” Program.  You’ll get immediate access, in a private membership site, to the following:

  • 7 Audio recordings (4 ½ hours) covering the 9 Modules of this Program…

  • Transcripts of the audios if you prefer reading instead of listening…

  • A 51-page Summary Workbook, which also includes step-by-step implementation exercises…

  • A Completely Free Trial to my Maximum Money Club: If you want to stay in the club, do nothing - membership is only $49.95 per month ($59.95 per month outside of America). If you want to cancel, just contact my office or e-mail my assistant Anne within 30 days, and no further billing will occur. All contact information to do this, is included in every issue of Seductive Selling, and on my blog under the Contact tab. We’ve been running this club for 9 years now so you’re likely to get a lot out of it.

And of course, if you’re already a member of the Club, you won’t be enrolled twice, so don’t worry there.

There’s also an Elite Psychological Conversion Strategies Package, and this includes everything in the basic program, PLUS it also includes:

  1. A Bonus Q & A Group Phone Call: This call is designed to coordinate all the information in this program, into one smooth working plan. I’ll boost your conversion rates even further, by giving you alternative conversion strategies that bump your response rates, instantly.

For instance, I recently gave one client of mine a marketing strategy to use, that not one in 1,000 companies in his industry would even consider using. His sales process is now much easier, and his conversion rates for the qualified clients he always wanted, but could never seem to attract, before… has more than DOUBLED.  You’ll also get a recording of this call uploaded to the membership site, for you to listen to, at your convenience.

I charge $1,000 an hour for consulting, so this one call alone is
worth multiples of what you’re going to invest for the entire program

  1. Special Bonus: 222 Conversion Strategies Checklist This shows you how to implement the following conversion strategies:
    • Psychology

    • Effective Communication & Copywriting

    • Establishing Rapport

    • Believability

    • Gaining Credibility

    • Involvement Devices

    • Salesmanship

    • Persuasion

    • Presentation / Aesthetics / Layout

    • Your Offer

    • Ordering

    • And Post Purchase Conversions…

    1. A Free USP, Conversion, and Lead-Getting one-on-one Strategy Session with me:

This fixes the current lead generation and conversion problems you’re experiencing, that are costing you sales right now. Now candidly, that this may or may not be for you. If you’re just starting out, then don't worry about this. However if you've already got a basic business sales funnel set up... or if your client transaction value is at least $1,000 or more... then this call is critical. So make sure you schedule your session immediately after you place your order

  1. 50% Off ($750 Savings) a detailed 7-Step Sales Copy Telephone or Skype Review Call

  2. 50% Off ($500 savings) Seductive Selling System: This is the only program out there, that explains emotional selling, and includes literally HUNDREDS of sales copy examples for you to use. It makes you an expert in pushing your customer’s emotional buy-buttons, and gets them to say "YES," with far less resistance than you're currently having to deal with. And lastly…

  3. 7 Video Sales Copy Critiques, showing you actual sales copy conversion strategies you can use to boost conversions like crazy: Over 90 minutes long, 7 different ads, sales letters and advertorials reviewed, along with copies of the ads for your files. Considering I charge $1,500 for an hour of sales copy review, this is an incredible bonus. I’m even going to include:

    • The offline ad we discussed in Mistake #1, that increased response by 51%, and increased net cash-flow by over 60%...

    • And the online advertorial we discussed in Mistake #4, that brought in a 310% greater response and conversion rate than normal...

      But That’s Not All: Order Now And
      Save $200 $300 During This Product Launch!

    When you order during this launch, you’ll get TWO MORE benefits:

    1. A $200  $300 Savings!

    Why the discount?

    There are 2 reasons, actually:

    This is the first product I've released in a while. And since the last time I released a product, I’ve added several thousand new people to my list. I want to give as many people as possible, incentive to order my programs and to start doing more work with me.

    Also, since I mentioned I was releasing a product about conversion strategies… I’ve received a lot of questions about the product. It’s an important and popular topic, and I want as many people as possible to be able to access this information.

    That’s why we’ve priced this program so everyone can afford it. All I'm asking for in return, is for you to send us your comments so we can use them as testimonials, when we release this program to my list, at the higher price. The second benefit to ordering now, is…

    1. The Bonus Q & A Group Phone Call will NOT be available, after this product launch is over:

    So if you like saving money, and if you’re eager to seriously boost your conversion rates, and hear how other businesses are doing the same thing, then you want to order now.

    The Elite Program, which contains an additional $3,100 in value over the Basic program plus another optional $1,250 in savings, is only $297, or 3 EZ payments of only $99 each…

    And the Basic Program is only $197, or 2 E-Z pays of $99 each…

    And you can get instant access to this program right now, simply by clicking on the “Get Instant Access” button below: 

    Again, here’s what’s included in each program:

Psychological Conversion Strategies Elite Basic
Audio Program (7 audios. 4 1/2 hours, 9 Modules) YES! YES!
Transcripts of Audios YES! YES!
Summary Workbook / Implementation Exercises YES! YES!
Free Maximum Money Club Trial YES! YES!
Bonus Group Q & A Call ($1,000 Value) YES! NO
222 Conversion Strategies Checklist ($97 Value) YES! NO
7 Video Sales Copy Conversion Critiques ($1,500 Value) YES! NO
50% off One-on-One Sales Copy Critique ($750 savings) YES! NO
USP / Lead-Getting Strategy Session ($500 Value) YES! NO
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Special Launch Savings, ONLY $297 $197
  or 3 x $99 or $2 x $99


12-Month, $25,000 Guarantee!  

Psychological Conversion Strategies also comes with an unconditional 6-month Guarantee.  Order it now, and if you don't see your conversion rates increase, enough to pay for this program AT LEAST 10 times over within 60 days... then let me know and we'll give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

So, to get instant access right now, simply click the botton below



Here Are Some More Details On What’s Inside:

The Program is broken down into 9 Modules, and includes the following information:

  • 17 new conversions strategies to make sure you're not wasting ad spend...

  • How to make sure you're not sending the wrong message, to the right list of people…

  • The simple cornerstone concept of direct response marketing - follow it and your conversion rates will skyrocket...

  • There are 7 things virtually everyone does, that actually MAKES pricing an issue, when it would otherwise never even be thought about. You'll discover how to avoid these things, and how to constantly charge and collect top-dollar from your buyers...

  • How to communicate the value of what you're selling.  Do this right, and none of your qualified buyers will ever use “price” as an issue. But do it even slightly wrong, and you'll never be able to push the needle forward, when it comes time to converting more prospects into buyers. You’ll be stuck selling at Wal-Mart pricing levels forever…

  • Who to follow up with...

  • The cardinal rule of relationship management...

  • How to lower your lead acquisition costs...

  • Online and offline proven follow-up programs that work...

  • The best type of follow-up communication to use, that:

    • Positions you properly...

    • Establishes authority...

    • Creates trust...

    • And opens the door for future continued and ongoing communication...

  • The ONE mathematical factor ALL your follow-up decisions should be based on...

  • 30 Ways to become believable to your buyers...

  • 41 different examples of specific strategies you can use to become believable. These strategies are designed to:

    • Leverage and trigger predictable psychological reactions, to specific words and emotions...

    • Show you how to have genuine conversations with your buyers...

    • And position you as an authority figure, without being condescending or arrogant...

  • You’ll also discover how to sell what your BUYERS want, instead of what you THINK they might want...

  • 12 ways to become very credible to your buyers…

  • 23 different examples of strategies you can slip into your existing marketing RIGHT NOW, that dramatically boost conversions…

  • 4 things you MUST do, to get your buyers to like you…

  • The one thing that sends up an instant “red flag” and makes your buyers question your integrity and behavior. I'll also give you specific examples so you can avoid this…

  • 10 Strategies (with examples) that help your customers believe in themselves. This gives them the confidence they need, to feel confident about ordering and succeeding…

  • How to boost conversions in other situations you can't control…

  • How to overcome “sales anxiety,” so you can convert and make the sale, without being confrontational.

Put simply…

Psychological Conversion Strategies is an amazingly simple guide
to the most POWERFUL conversion strategies ever developed!

Look, this program isn't a magic button you put on your web page, that increases conversions. Although there are plenty of strategies in it about online and offline page layouts, and items to put on your web pages that definitely will boost your conversions.

Don't get me wrong, “magic buttons” like this are good, but they’re only good until the next magic button comes along.

You'll convert MUCH more leads, immediately!  
You'll be smiling ear to ear, once you see your conversion rates shoot up!  

This program is about long-term strategies that work, forever. Simply because they leverage the one constant that never changes, and that is… the psychology of your buyers.

So if you want the ability to pry open your buyers minds and be allowed entry into the only thing that really matters, then this program is for you.

Thanks for listening to this message. I'm looking forward to helping your conversion rates (and your cash-flow) go through the roof.

If you have any questions, fee free to contact my office at 813-909-2214, or e-mail my assistant Anne at

Craig Garber

Craig Garber

P.S. Listen, old conversion “tricks” just don’t work anymore. Today, people are hip to gimmicks and they understand what you’re trying to do. However, when you’re tapping into the things people want MOST, there’s no trickery involved, at all. Just good old-fashioned quality salesmanship and persuasion - nothing more.

There’s absolutely NO reason, especially at this crazy low price, for you to pass on this. In fact, if you can find a reason, let me know and I'll address it.

Order now and improve your conversion rates in one evening. And I’m not just “saying” this -- I’m Guaranteeing it.

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