Conversion Strategy – How to close open loops for your buyers:

“The golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself.  It is not in your environment, it is not in luck or chance or the help of others — it is in yourself alone.”  Orison Swett Marden

If you’ve ever studied David Allen’s material on how to get organized, “Getting Things Done,” he often refers to things called “open loops.”

Basically, and open loop is an unresolved issue or some kind of an unattended chore you need to do.  And when there are open or unresolved items on our own mental checklist, they form “open loops,” which cause us stress.

And actually, if the loop is big enough, it can cause you quite a bit of anxiety.

Open loops are also formed, however, when you arouse someone’s curiosity.

And curiosity-prompted open loops are some of the most powerful open loops you can create.  People will do almost anything to satisfy their curiosity.

In fact, great sales people use this concept to plan well thought-out presentations — in print, in person, online, and so on.

That’s another lesson for another day, but know that for now… open loops can also work against you, if you’re not careful.

And here’s how.

See, buyers are always looking for open loops you don’t resolve. And once they find these open loops, they are perfect excuses or reasons they can use to justify NOT buying.

So for example, let’s say you go through your sales pitch, and it’s a good one… and you go through your close, and that’s pretty good, as well.

And then you give your buyer the call to action (what you want them to do), and this is also clear and concise.

And then you stop.

See, when you do this, you’re creating an open loop.

Buyers want to know, “What happens after I order?”

And unless you’ve closed this open loop, you’re going to be asking for trouble.

So in this case, what you’d want to do, is say something like… “After you order, your product will be shipped out by U.S. First Class Priority Mail.”

Or… “As soon as you order, you’ll get immediate access to XYZ, online.”

This way, there’s no mystery — and no open loops.

This is important to remember, and it’s one reason why a lot of people have problems converting prospects to buyers — they’ve left too many open loops lying around.

And even when you’re selling in person, belly-to-belly, don’t assume buyers will ask the questions they need, to get these loops resolved.

Rarely will this happen — it’s up to you to answer these questions, not your buyers.

So plan, think, and know what your buyer wants… and what they don’t want.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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