Button Your Lip… And Don’t Let The Shield Slip

In 1983, when I was 20 years old, Roger Waters and the remaining members of Pink Floyd and whoever else happened to be in the studio with him, released an album called “The Final Cut.”

The album represented Waters last psychological musical go-round in dealing with the fears and scars remaining from his childhood, most of them brought on by the loss of his father in World War II, and a well-meaning but overbearing mother.

There was a song on the album (this was pre-CD, of course) called Paranoid Eyes. A pretty depressing song actually, but as most things Floyd did, carried off beautifully and leaving you feeling as strongly connected to the emotions revealed in that particular song, as you might be to your lover or your spouse.

One of the lines in the song says, “The pie in the sky turned out to be miles to high”, and for some folks this is true.

Especially when you don’t know when to shut up.

Here’s what I mean: About half-a-dozen years ago I was working on a marketing assignment with a few other fellas. We each negotiated our own deals with the client.

Of the three of us, myself and one other guy, were getting paid the same amount.

The third guy, however, was getting paid 20% less.

Know why this happened?

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The answer is simple: This guy told the client what HE wanted to make, and… since it was less than the client was willing to pay, the client quickly agreed.

Myself and the other guy, however… since we had NO idea what our limits were, we let the client tell us what he was interested in paying us, and we then negotiated upwards from there.

A simple simple strategy that cost the low man on the totem pole, quite a lot of money.

See, we did in fact, button our lips without letting the shield slip. And if you’re trying to get paid as much as possible — I suggest you do the same thing.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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