Business Strategy Consulting: What did YOU do yesterday?

Last week I was working on a project, REALLY intensely.  And to be honest, I was pretty stressed out because of it.

But I was stressing out, for no reason.

I say, “for no reason,” because in looking back… the truth is, I CHOSE to be stressed out, just the same way I could have chosen NOT to be stressed out.

Anyway, I finished up the lion’s share of this work on Saturday, and then yesterday… I knew I had to do something relaxing, or else I’d have a meltdown.

I’ve learned that “decompressing” is as important AND mandatory, as being productive is.

And maybe you’re different, but for me… decompressing out of the house, is the only effective way to decompress.

So, I did something brain-dead simple, and by all standards — maybe even boring.

But it was SO effective, it wasn’t even funny:

See, our two older sons are now out of the house, and our daughter spent the day with friends, so… we are sort of like “empty-nesters” at this point.

So, I puttered around the house doing nothing in particular, in the morning.  Then, around noon, Anne and I went downtown to grab some breakfast.

Turned out, the breakfast place we normally go, was PACKED — even at 1pm — so… we went to a local health food place, and just sat down and had some brunch-type food.

Then, we went for our daily walk along a downtown street that runs parallel to the gulf coast, and we also walked through the “toney” section of town, checking out all the cool houses.

There was also a small local produce market set up, and we went through some of the booths and just relaxed — had a nibble here and coffee there… and pretty much… that’s it.

And let me tell you what happened because of this: I woke up today like a lion and I’d be ASTOUNDED if today wasn’t an incredibly productive and energetic day for me.

In other words, I really got to re-charge my batteries and I feel great — physically, mentally, and spiritually.

So, what did YOU do, to relax yesterday?

Or, what are some of your favorite “decompressing” experiences in a similar situation?

Let me know – by sharing with the rest of my readers in the comments section, below:

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

P.S.  Why EVERYONE deserves to relax

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