Business Strategy Consulting: The unexposed truth about easy money and how to make it

First, let me tell you there is very little easy money out there.  I realize this might not be a very popular thing to say nowadays, as well as being very un-guru like, but it’s the truth.

I make a really good living, but not one of those dollars comes to me easily.  Oh sure, some are easier to get than others, but none of them are what I’d call easy.  And for the most part, this is the way it goes with virtually everyone I know.

In reality, intensity is directly related to the amount of money you make, and you can’t be “casually” intense.  It takes a balls to the wall consistent effort to make this happen on any kind of regular basis.

That’s why my whole positioning on things and the title of my book is “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers.”  After all, if you’re going to earn some money, might as well earn as much as possible, right?

You bet’cha, so today let’s talk about a strategy or an approach you want to start implementing or at least thinking about, if you want to start making maximum money.

In big corporate jargon, this concept is called ‘brand loyalty,’ but for little guys like me and you, I think of it more like ‘customer loyalty driven by personal loyalty.’

And I don’t care what you do, but loyalty to a person is always going to be far greater than loyalty to any brand.  See, you simply can’t wrap yourself emotionally around an inanimate object.  But you can easily wrap yourself and get behind someone’s essence, and what they stand for or represent to you.  (This is why music is so powerful, by the way.)

And how do you create personal loyalty?

The answer is simple.  Here are two ways, actually:  One way is to simply be different in how you deliver your goods and services.  You create a unique customer experience people can’t get anywhere else.

For example, I think Starbucks has horrible coffee and I don’t buy from them, but they succeed because of the experience they give their buyers.  I happen to not be in the marketplace for that, but many people obviously are.

Whatever business I’m involved in, and whatever project I’m working on – either for myself or with clients – this is the first thing I focus on after the marketing.  Delivery of the service.  When you focus on the experience instead of the product, you can usually create something almost out of nothing.  And your customers will respond very rapidly to this and they’ll happily pay you for a long time to come, as long as you are consistent with giving them this experience.

Frankly, this is why my offline newsletter is so popular and has done so well, as we’re headed into our fifth year.

Another thing you can do, is stratify your customers.  See, when you have two or more different levels of customers, you create and provoke curiosity.  The first thing your new customers do, is find out what’s going on with your “higher” levels.  They investigate it the same way your dog might investigate a new little kitten you bring home.

They sniff it, examine it, gently prod it… and they try and determine whether or not this is something they want to pay attention to or not.

And by the way, this is what companies like Starbucks are actually doing, when they set up loyalty programs and give out membership cards and rewards points.  They are creating levels of loyalty and levels of ascension.

Remember, curiosity is king… and so are your customers.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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