Business Strategy Consulting: so… what?

I had to give my son a lift into town this morning, and while we were driving down the road, we saw a billboard selling health plans.

The billboard said, “Av Med – Voted #1 Area Health Care Plan Since 2005”

“So what?” I said to myself.  And rest assured, that’s what EVERYONE is thinking, if they even read this and give it more than a fleeting thought.

See, when you make big, blanket statements like “We’re #1,” you are literally wasting your time.

After all, what does this even mean?  And what on earth is a “#1 health plan,” anyway.  In fact, how can a health plan be #1?  That’s almost like having a “#1 ex-wife” or a “#1 ex-wife’s divorce lawyer” or something inane like that.

Do you know anyone, anywhere who even has anything good to say about any health plan?

Of course not.

This is the kind of vapid thinking that people who’ve never made even one thin dime out of writing an ad, come up with.  “Sure, just say you’re number one.  Everyone wants to deal with number one.  Say that and they’ll buy.”

Sure thing, “#1 diapers” – you in?

How about “#1 potato salad” – tastes yummy, right?

Or how about “#1 therapist” – ahhh… I bet you can see your family dysfunction melting away right now as you’re picking up the phone to call this fellow.  Thank goodness for number one!

See, this doesn’t work when you’re selling a product that’s well-liked.  But when you’re selling something that inspires nothing but distrust and acrimony, it doesn’t just “not work,” it sends people running for the hills.

Selling’s all about the benefits you’re offering your buyers.  And in case you didn’t know this, here’s a newsflash: being number one in anything isn’t a benefit to anyone other than the guy who owns the company – maybe.

Now if that billboard read: “Av Med – Guaranteed to get your medical bills reimbursed within 25 days”… or, “Av Med – Speak to one of our family health care advisors so you’re guaranteed to know your exact health care costs, BEFORE you incur them”… now that would make people pick up the phone.

Saying you’re number one is easy – like having a child, anyone can do it.  But actually being number one, is like being a good mom or dad – that takes time… energy… and a sincere desire to make someone else other than yourself, happy.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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