Business Strategy Consulting Problem: Won't sell until you find a worthwhile cause

There are loads of reasons why your buyers buy.  And most people buy from you simply because their want is strong enough for whatever you’re selling.

But there are also many buyers who need a “reason” or even a “cause” to buy something.

And in this case, you would be a very smart marketer, if you invented that reason.

For example, the need to have “soft skin” was invented buy Helen Landsdowne, who came up with sales copy that said, “A skin you love to touch,” underneath a photo of a beautiful woman in an ad she wrote for Woodbury’s Facial Soap.  This was back (I believe) in the 1930’s.  Before this, no one cared about having soft skin.

After this, however, people knew… if you wanted soft skin, then you needed to get your hands on some special soap or hand cream.  And as you know, nothing’s changed almost 80 years later.

Helen also invented “under arm odor” to sell Odorono.

And according to the late Lyman P. Wood in his classic book, “What A Way To Live And Make A Living,” halitosis was invented to sell Listerine.

How can you use this in your business?

Well, let’s take an example of something incredibly boring like roofing.  If I were a roofer I’d create a product or a service or a process I offer, that prevents something called “Premature Roof Wear,” or maybe “Premature Shingle Rot.”

See, Premature Roof Rot is what happens to roofs that aren’t treated with my special process.

And how do you know this?

Because I just told you so.  Same way you know I’m the King Of Copy, that’s how.

And this is how I’d sell my special service that helps you avoid Premature Roof Rot.

I guess if I was a doctor selling medical services, I’d be able to give this a fancy medical sounding name, but “Premature Roof Rot” is good enough to sell this service to people who want to avoid Premature Roof Rot.

Many goods and services have been responsible for the development of many ailments and conditions, and there’s no reason why, even on a local basis, you can’t do the same thing.

You don’t think “Halitosis” was a medical diagnosis back in the early 1930’s, did you?

So if you want to sell something and you’re struggling with your current marketing angle, try coming up with a worthwhile cause.  It may just be the missing ingredient you need, to make whatever you’re serving, taste that much better.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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