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Last week my son and I went to see Robert Randolph and The Family Band in concert, across the bridge in St. Petersburg at the State Theater.

I love seeing shows in small theaters like this because nowadays the sound is really good in places like this, and you can get pretty close to the performers regardless where you’re standing.

Randolph’s unique among guitarists in that he’s primarily a pedal steel guitar player.  That’s an uncommon instrument and what makes it even more uncommon is that Randolph’s incredibly talented and plays the pedal steel guitar with as much dexterity and feeling as any conventional guitarist has ever done.

I’ve been going to concerts since I was a kid, and Randolph did a few things that night, I’ve never seen ANY performer, anywhere, do.

For starters, he called women up to the stage to dance.  And in case you’re wondering how this works, nothing gets an audience more fired up than having 20 women shaking their thang up on stage.  This was very cool, and Randolph and the band members (who were all very talented) each interacted with these women while they were on stage.

He also invited guitar players from out of the audience, to come on stage and jam with him.  As a life-long die hard music fan and as a guitar hack as well, I can tell you straight from my heart… there is perhaps nothing more rewarding than playing on stage with one of your guitar heroes.

Honestly, this was one of THE coolest things any musician could ever do.

Randolph is a very talented and very gracious performer who played his heart out for close to two hours straight, with no breaks.

His appreciation for his fans is second to none, and I’d pay double to see him again, just because of who he is.

I felt more like an invited guest to Randolph’s home, than a paying spectator.

If you can get your customers involved, beyond just ‘whatever service you provide,’ you will accomplish more in your business than you’ll ever imagine.

And your customers will stick around and pay you… for life.

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Tonight I’m going to see Johnny Winter, who’s been one of my music heroes since the 1970’s.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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