Business Strategy Consulting – Action is your friend: 3 things to know

Before we get started, here’s a link to a interesting article I read in the New York Times last week.  It talks about the options you have when your flight gets canceled.  I’m lucky to live here in sunny Florida, but I know most of the country’s been dealing with horrible winter weather and lots of flights have been canceled, so check it out.

Now let’s talk about action.

When it comes to selling, inertia and laziness is the kiss of death, but action is your friend.

And there are two things you need to know about action.

1.  First, before you do ANYthing related to marketing, you need to sit down and ask yourself, “What action am I trying to get my prospect or buyer to take?”

If you know what you want your reader/prospect/whatever to do, then every single step you take, should be geared solely to getting your buyer to take this action.

Whether you want someone to register for a teleseminar… buy something… or give you a referral, gear all your marketing, plan everything out, in such a way that persuades and encourages your buyer to take this action.

Slowing down and thinking about this first step is REALLY valuable.

2.  Second — and this one’s important, because most people forget it.  Only try and get people to take ONE action step at a time.

Have them do either this… or that.  But not both.

Now as soon as they do your first thing, then by all means, encourage them to take the next step.

But only do one thing at a time.

3.  Lastly, and this isn’t always possible, but most of the time it is possible… keep in mind that nothing makes people take action faster than having some kind of a deadline or reason to take action now.

Always remember, action is your friend, baby.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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