Business Sales Strategy – How to look like a big, dumb, "cash rules everything around me" corporation:

Two days ago, I got an e-mail from Mercedes-Benz USA.

I love Mercedes — their cars, their history, and their commitment to excellence.

But this e-mail pretty much exemplified almost everything you can do wrong when you’re speaking to your customers.  And unfortunately, it’s extremely typical of big companies.

The subject line of the e-mail was, “Are your brakes and tires ready for winter?”

The content of the e-mail contains conventional photos of cars and a few small sections trying to convince you how important it is to winterize your car, get new floor mats, wheels, etc.

Now look, on page 68 of, “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” I talk about the only two things you need, to maintain great client relationships.

One of them is “intensity,” as in, the depth of the conversations you’re having.  The goal here, is to show your client you actually care about them.

Because people do business with vendors they like, and vendors who care about them.

And I’m not a retail genius by a long-shot, but don’t you think marketing for something you need to take care of before winter, shouldn’t take place, 33 days AFTER winter starts?

See, in a situation like this, you can’t even “pretend” you actually care about your customers.

There’s no attempt at even faking sincerity, here.

Especially when, the ONLY time you get e-mails from Mercedes is when they are making some lame-ass attempt at getting you into the dealership for service.

With such a long history like they have… you’d think they’d be more inclined to share some of these things with you.  This would inspire you and make you take MORE pride in your vehicle.

Can you see how communication like this is never effective?

Now first, let me tell you I don’t believe for a second, this is how Mercedes-Benz wants to come off.

But unfortunately, lack of personalization, and weak attempts at building any kind of a relationship beyond “buy my stuff” wind up PREVENTING ongoing business, instead of stimulating ongoing business.

If you’re familiar with old school hip-hop, then you know… “C.R.E.A.M. get the money, dollar dollar bill ya’ll,” might be OK on the streets, but it probably isn’t the right attitude to have, when it comes to dealing with your customers, and when it comes to real business.

Unfortunately, for some strange reason beyond anything I can ever understand… most big companies just don’t seem to get this.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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