Business Lead Generation – Why Most Marketing Completely "Loses" Your Customers

When it comes to business lead generation, most people lose far more customers than they’re ever aware of. Here, listen to this story and you’ll see exactly why:

I remember watching the movie “Brian’s Song,” when it first came out back in the early 1970’s. The movie shared the great friendship between two Chicago Bears football players, Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo. It specifically focused on Brian Piccolo’s terminal cancer and how Sayers supported him through this incredibly difficult time.

Some time after the movie, I went down to my local library (remember those things – libraries?) and took out Sayer’s excellent book called, “I Am Third.”

There was a quote Sayers said in his book, which I’ve tried my best to actually live by, for many years now. He said something like, “Motivation without opportunity is a shame… but opportunity without motivation, is a waste.”

And this is important, because today I want to talk about one of the most unfortunate ways of losing a customer. I say unfortunate because if you mess this up… you had the opportunity but not the motivation, and that, as Sayers said… is a waste.

I’m talking about what happens when your customer gets confused. Confusing your customer is one of the easiest ways of losing him. And the most common way of confusing someone is by not being clear — by being vague and ambiguous, instead.

Clean and clear copy is as appealing and effective in selling, as a clean house is when you’re looking for a place to live.

Let me give you a couple of examples of what I mean, based on loads of copy I get to review:

1. Assuming your customer knows what to do.

Saying “To get your free widget, simply pick up your phone right now and call xxx-xxx-xxxx and ask for Dianna,” is FAR more effective than telling someone they can try something for free, and then “hoping” they’ll know what to do after that.

Unless you let someone know the specific kind of “call to action” you want them to take, there’s just no way they’re going to know what to do, on their own. That’s like assuming students know what homework assignments to do on their own. Ain’t gonna happen, is it?

2. Another common people get confused is when you don’t get to the point quick enough.

So for instance, let’s say you’re selling something that relieves back pain. Forcing someone to read through a story that discusses all the various health ailments that plague people over age 50… before you talk about back pain… is confusing.

And when you confuse someone, they disconnect from whatever process you’re trying to put them through. And when someone disconnects, you’ve lost them as a prospect… forever.

And that, as Gale Sayers said… is a waste. Don’t ever waste an opportunity to generate a qualified business lead.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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