Business Lead Generation: The ONLY two reasons why absolutely everything happens – in marketing and in life

I’m not sure about you… but I’m having an incredibly difficult time working this Spring.  I think after having such a bad winter – and yes, even down here in Tampa, we had a pretty bad winter – I’m really just enjoying the calmness, the sense of rebirth, and the fresh air of Spring.

Right now I’m sitting here in my office overlooking my lake, with the patio doors wide open.  I can hear all sorts of birds chirping, including some beautiful red Cardinals we have… I’m watching squirrels chasing each other up and down the cypress trees as we speak — their claws make an unmistakable sound scratching across the wood while they’re running.  And other than the occasional bass you see piercing the surface of the lake as they come up for some tasty shad… the top of the lake is so still and flat, it’s as if someone laid a mirror down across it.

And the weather is absolutely gorgeous.  It’s 64 degrees and sunny, and not a drop of humidity in the air.  In fact, there’s a coolness in the air that actually fills the mornings up with life.

Rest assured, this is a different Spring, then the one I knew growing up in The Bronx.

So as you’d imagine, getting into work mode isn’t easy.  But be that as it may… let’s talk a little bit about why people do things.

Churchill once said, “There are two reasons for everything – a good reason, and the real one.”

Meaning this: people do things for an end reason, even though they sometimes need a means to this end.  This is true in life, and it’s definitely true in sales.

In life, for instance, people might get married, but the real reason they got married was to start a family.  Marriage was the means to the end result of having a family and creating a lifetime of family memories for themself.

Make sense?

Good, because this is an important concept to understand when you’re trying to sell something.

Often times, the purchase of your product is only a means to an end.

For instance, no one wants to buy pills or tablets or arch supports.  They are buying these things as a means to an end of something.  In this case, ending some kind of physical pain or discomfort.

And believe it or not, with rare exception, most people don’t want to learn how to do marketing or how to write better copy or anything else I teach.  They want short-cuts to getting more leads, converting them faster, charging higher prices, earning much more money, and in general, having an easier time of it at work.

And even these things are means to the end result of having a better life with more choices and options.

Same thing with real estate.  No one really wants to invest in real estate because they like it.  They do it as a means to an end.  In this case, the end, again… is earning more and having a better life.

When you’re selling — especially in print — all too often clients I’m working with get all caught up in the process of what they’re doing.  They get involved in talking about the details and selling the nuances and eccentricities of the process or system they are offering.

But they miss out on selling the end result they’re offering clients and customers.  The “real reason” as Churchill said, your buyers buy from you.

Don’t forget to first identify, and then focus on… this real reason.  Blow it up as big as you can, and make it as lifelike as the environment right outside my office is.

Because this… is ultimately… what you’re buyers want.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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