Answers to 5 questions I get asked:

Maybe because it’s year-end and people are thinking about their plans for 2010, or maybe it’s just coincidence, but we’ve been getting a number of similar questions sent in, so I wanted to answer them by pointing you to a few resources I have on my site.


There is SO much information on your site.  (He’s right, we have over 1,000 pages online, between my site and my blog.)  How do I find a specific topic I might be looking for?


If you go to my blog and you scroll down just a little bit, on the right-hand side you’ll see a little box with the words “Looking For Something Here In The Kingdom?” over it.

Simply enter the kind of information you are looking for in this box, and all the pages with those key words on them, will come up.  So for instance, if you enter the word “headline,” you’ll get close to 40 pages of searches that come up.

Enter “lead generation” and you’ll get a similar result.


How do I find out information about hiring you?


I don’t really take on very many copywriting clients – I limit this to one or two a year.  I spend most of my time on my publishing and consulting businesses, by design.

But if do you want information on hiring me, then you can find it right here.

I do, however, offer sales copy critiques that are very detailed.


Can I book individual consulting time with you?


Yes, you can book one hour of time (only) right here.


You have a number of products available.  I’m not really sure where to start.


If I had to sort of “rank” my physical products, as far as where to start, I’d give you this list:

1.  My book, “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers” – this manual is, as one person said, “A complete blueprint to building and running the marketing aspect of any successful business.”  It’s also, pound for pound, the best value of all the products I sell.  Meaning, I could have easily put this into a binder and used it to create a $2,000 workshop, no problem.

2.  My offline Seductive Selling Newsletter – This is sort of like, “my baby,” in that I’ve been publishing it for nearly four years now.  So, once a month, I pour my heart and soul into making it the best source of emotional direct-marketing and copywriting information available.  I have a unique relationship with my members and I treasure that.

3.  Seductive Selling System – Teaches you, from A to Z, how to push your prospects emotional buy-buttons, by giving you literally hundreds of real-life examples of both sales copy and marketing strategies.

4.  Lead Generation Explosion – Reveals the secrets behind putting a “long-form sales letter / free report” together.  It’s literally the exact same method I use to write sales letters, and it teaches you the concept of two-step lead generation.  Which, as I said in one issue of Seductive Selling, is like the eighth wonder of the world when done correctly.

Question:  Do you have any other resources?

Answer:  Yes, I have a number of free interviews and videos inside my media page.

O.K., that pretty much covers it.  Hope this helped and… see you tomorrow…

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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