America is pregnant.

People struggle with writing the way they speak, which is an essential element of crafting compelling copywriting.

Sometimes though, the problem isn’t that you can’t write like you speak, it’s just that you can’t imagine speaking the way you need to write.

Make sense?

What I mean is, some folks just don’t have a way with words.

And when you don’t have a way with words, it’s probably hard to sell in person, but it’s almost impossible to sell in print.

So what you want to do is get around those folks who are good with words.

The problem with that is, most people who are good with words, also have fairly strong personalities — you either love ’em or you hate ’em.

I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t in this category myself. And if you’ve ever been in one of my meetings or workshops — or sometimes even on a coaching call — then you’ll know, not only do we work hard, but because I have a way with words… we also have lots of laughs along the way.

So today I want to show you an example of what I mean by “having a way with words.”

This comes from something I read in New York Magazine, attributed to boxing promoter Don King. (No surprise here. King isn’t afraid to share his opinions, and he also has a great way with words. And you either love him or you hate him — theres no middle ground here.)

When questioned about Obama’s inauguration, King recently responded… “I’ve ben to every inauguration since Nixon. This one is special. America is pregnant with a new baby we call hope and freedom. She will give birth tomorrow at twelve.”

See the words he uses?

They’re very visual and descriptive. He could have said, “America now has hope and freedom,” but that isn’t the way someone who’s good with words, speaks.

They use vivid and robust words that bring things to life! The breathe fresh air into otherwise mundane topics.

When you paint imagery like this and touch as many senses as possible, THIS is the secret to writing compelling sales copy people respond to.

Study and listen to people who are clever in their delivery and you’ll learn LOADS of things about how to make people react.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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