's First Strategy: Repetitive Contacts

Yesterday we talked about some of the strategies uses, to create hundreds and thousands of sales, and so the remainder of this week we’ll go through them.

Today we’ll talk about their constant communication — OR… their perceived constant communication.’s communication with their customers comes in a few different ways.

For starters, you can have register to have notify you when new items are released that you want to buy. When you get these e-mails, they are very well received because it’s something you wanted to buy earlier but wasn’t available.

Who doesn’t want to (finally) get something they’ve been longing for?

But the biggest (and to me, the smartest and most welcome) form of communication, is simply when you go to the site.

Once there, here’s what I see spread across the front of their home page, “Recommended Kindle Reading For You,” then underneath this “More Top Picks For You,” “More To Explore,” and a host of other categories, all featuring items I’m likely to be interested in.

The smartest and best thing about this, is since all the recommendations they are making are based on prior purchases and prior items you’ve looked at, there’s an outstanding chance you’re going to at least be interested in one of the items, and so as soon as you click on something, they’ve not got you involved and into a buying mode.

In essence, this “communication” is more of an involvement device than anything else.

So how can you use something like this in your business?

Well, it would be darn near impossible to do something like amazon does. You’d need to have a fairly extensive catalog of items to sell, and you’d also have to have some pretty sophisticated tracking software. Not to mention, your catalog of items has to be fairly broad as well, since one of the things that makes this so effective is that amazon’s customers go back to the site often, because there are SOO many different things the store offers.

What you can do, that’s very simple, is to just interact and communicate with your list more often. As long as you’ve got something worthwhile to say, people will be very ok with hearing from you. Here are some different ways you can do this:

* e-mails
* blog postings
* surveys
* quizzes
* games
* puzzles
* trivia contests
* audio recordings online
* teleseminars
* and video postings online (both screen shots and live video)

In fact, the best thing to do would be to pick one or two primary means of staying in touch with your list, and then mixing in some of the others (whichever ones you’re comfortable with) once in a while, so that everyone gets to “touch” you using their primary communication sense. (sight, hearing, feeling)

Let’s face it, the more you interact with someone, the better your relationship will be, as long as whatever you have to say is interesting, thought-provoking, and puts a smile across their face every once in a while.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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