Altering destiny: Are there really any accidents?

It’s funny how life works. Sometimes random and accidental events happen that cause dramatic changes in what would otherwise be a completely different outcome. Lines bisect when they are least likely to, and sometimes wonderful things come from them.

Two stories, one famous, and one completely insignificant to anyone but me.

One. The year was 1943. On November 14th, the great German conductor Bruno Walter was scheduled to be a guest conductor of the prestigious New York Philharmonic Orchestra, at no less a grandiose location than Carnegie Hall.

Strangely though, Walter came down with the flu just hours before his performance was to be broadcast over national radio. Instead, the orchestra’s brand new young assistant conductor was unexpectedly called in to substitute for Walter.

The next morning, the New York Times put this story right on their front page: “It’s a good American success story. The warm, friendly triumph of it filled Carnegie Hall and spread far over the air waves.”

Leonard Bernstein became an unlikely “overnight” success and was instantly famous because of the radio broadcast.

Destiny changed because of the flu. Was this an accident? Or was this meant to be and the lsat minute “accident” merely fulfilled the pre-ordained destiny?

Two. A father and his 18-year old son had been going through quite a rough patch, the worst ever. The father had also been slaving away at work and was just about at his wits end late one Friday afternoon.

Instead of stopping work and just going outside on his back patio to relax, as was his normal and customary Friday evening routine, the father, oddly enough, happened to see the words “James Bond.”

Operating as if possessed by a spirit, the father (who NEVER would ordinarily go to a movie after the kind of week he had) automatically walked down from his office and into his son’s room and asked the boy, “Do you want to go to the movies and have dinner?”

To which the son responded, “Sure.”

Father and son spent a long night out, enjoying the movie and talking, and the relationship, which was truly suffering, was repaired. And order and love was restored.

Crisis avoided, again, by divergent lines bisecting.

I am that father and it was my son. What happened was, exasperated after a brutally long work-week and literally seconds before I stood up to walk away from my computer, I saw someone on Twitter say they were going to see the new James Bond movie.

Destiny changed because of… Twitter? Was this an accident? Or was this meant to be and the last minute “accident” merely fulfilled the pre-ordained destiny?

I don’t know, but thank goodness… I’m not dumb enough… to try and overpower the dots trying to connect.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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