All Mastermind Group Applications Due By Friday (2 more days)

Just a quick reminder that Friday of this week is the last day to submit your application to my Mastermind Group. Our next meeting will be here in Tampa on Thursday and Friday, June 11th and 12th

Applications are right here:

And in case you missed it, here’s a great story I heard last week – it talks about how I helped someone get a 15 times improvement in response:

There was a guy from North Carolina who attended my Ad Writing Workshop in January named Greg Poff.

Greg was a quiet silver-haired fellow who sat right next to me at the front of the table on my immediate right.

And I have no idea if “silver-haired” is politically correct or not, but I do know I’m as bald as a cue ball so I’d love what he has — regardless of what it’s called.

Anyway, at the time, lots of the other Workshop attendees told me privately they thought Greg was screwed. (Well, the word you used wasn’t screwed, but I’m trying to keep this PG and get it through the spam filter so I’ve got to keep the F word out of this.)

That’s because Gregg is selling fractional ownership shares of homes on the beach in North Carolina’s Emerald Coast, priced anywhere from high 200’s to $500K.

On top of this, Greg’s knowledge of emotional direct-response marketing and writing sales copy is limited.

And in this economy, that’s scary, isn’t it?

Well… maybe… maybe not.

Never count Craig Garber out.

Down maybe… but never out.

After the Ad Writing workshop, I spent a lot of time working with Greg on his sales letter. Initially, the one he sent me had loads of mistakes and wasn’t going to be a successful or a compelling piece.

But Greg listened very closely to me, and he made ALL the recommendations I suggested. And here’s an e-mail he sent over to Anne the other day:


I wanted to pass along how we are doing using all of the ideas I picked up from your January Copywriting seminar. As you know, we are trying to sell fractional ownership shares of vacation homes at the beach in one of the toughest markets imaginable.

In the prior 18 months, the company’s marketing efforts had produced 80 inquiries, 2 tours, and no sales.

Using your ideas and guidance (especially your specific suggestions after reviewing my direct mail copy), we have received a better response than even we had hoped for. The letter that was sent to the list of people who had rented houses on the island within the last 2 years pulled a 3% response rate.

Even better, our conversion rate of inquiries to tours (which the experts told us would be about 10%) is 23%. To date we have had 127 inquiries and have booked 29 Discovery Weekends (tours)! I expect to book a a few more tours in the next week.

Closed sales should be next!

When we initially reviewed the copy with the realty firm (whose list we used), they questioned whether anyone would read a letter with this many words. They expected limited response. When the inquiries started coming in, they couldn’t believe it.

The realtor who received the initial calls told me she received many comments that the letter “was like someone was having a conversation with me”. Your training has paid off!

Thanks for all of your support. This stuff really works.

Greg Poff”

23% conversions versus an expected high of 10%…

127 inquiries in one week versus 80 over 18 months…

29 Discovery Weekends versus 2 over 18 months (15 times more!)…

These results are incredible, but I want to tell you something: There isn’t a person who’s worked with me in the last 5 years, who hasn’t made multiples of any investment they’ve made in me, over and over again — as long as they listened to my suggestions and then took action.

I hope YOU are listening closely to this, and you realize the amount of money you’re missing out on, by not having me work on your business on a regular and ongoing basis.

Appreciate that I rarely take on private copywriting clients any more. It’s just not the best use of my time — by design. The ONLY way to get this kind of attention and ongoing advice from me, is as a member of my Mastermind Group. And even this is something I will no longer be doing once I hit 50, in 4 1/2 years.

My Mastermind Group’s meeting is just around the corner on June 11th and 12th here in sunny Tampa, and the ONLY thing separating you from the same massive profits everyone else is experiencing, is an application… and frankly, a set of balls.

You can find the application right here:

And you can listen to a hard-nosed call about the group right here (including two unexpected guests on the call):

As far as the balls go, well… only YOU know whether you can find them… or not.

Now I realize the tone of this message may at first blush, sound confrontational. Rest assured it’s not. You know me and that’s not my deal.

It is simply meant to get you to dig down deep inside and really question what you’re looking to get out of your business, and out of your life.

And you can’t answer difficult questions like this, unless you’re willing to ask them first, which is what I’m doing.

Look, unless you’re into wasting your time, there’s a reason why you registered for this call last week.

And yet, you haven’t taken action on anything.

Listen, the simple truth is, why most people fail has nothing to do with effort. After all, loads of people are out there working hard, but few of them are actually making any REAL money at it.


Of course.

People fail because of fear and misguided application of marketing strategies. Nothing more.

I’m offering you a proven way of overcoming ANY marketing issues (I doubt your business is even remotely as “difficult” as Greg’s) and in fact, you’ll be short-cutting your way through them, instead, and getting your hands on the money as fast as humanly possible.

As to the fear part, well… that’s up to you.

But I can tell you from experience, don’t be afraid. The short-term pain of overcoming any fear and apprehension you have is far less than the long-term pain of living with it.

And by the way, once you do your first mailing, or once you make your first dollar, that fear vanishes like smoke off a fire — never to be seen or heard from, ever again.

Just ask Greg Poff, and just ask Bill Parlaman — who was also at the Workshop. Bill’s just been accepted into my Mastermind Group and he’s thrilled. He just sent me a note that he made $12,961 in a two-hour teleseminar as a result of some strategies we worked on together. And he’s also left his job and is now out running his business (which is going to explode in the next 12 months) full-time.

What’s your story?


Now go sell something, Craig

P.S. Mastermind Group application deadline is this Friday the 29th. So let me know if you have any questions and I’ll see you in Tampa on June 11th and 12th.

So grab your application right here:

See you soon.

And while you too, may be down… you are never out.

See, I’m the guy you want to be in the foxhole with. Because if you’re in there with me… you’re
gonna be climbing out.

I promise.

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