A Dismal Forecast For 2007 – Make Sure Y

Here’s something that’s disturbing.

Some recent government statistics indicate that television is the favored media of the average American, but what’s even WORSE is that during the next 12 months, the average American is going to spend approximately 4 ½ hours a day watching TV.

This is far more than they’ll spend listening to radio (which is the second most popular media)… the internet (third most popular) and newspapers (fourth).

Meanwhile reading and listening to music — two of the most productive and mind-expanding medias in the history of media — are nowhere to be found.

Last week I was on vacation and I read THREE books. I’m sure if that’s the only reading I did this year, the information I learned and the wisdom imparted to me from those books would FAR outweigh watching even 1,000 hours of television.

Rest assured, if you are in the 4.5 hour of television watching, you need to look no further than that, for the reason why you don’t have enough leads or prospects to call on. Last time I checked, there were no marketing channels on the boob tube, and no unique ways of increasing the response to your marketing, or of creating unique marketing strategies on there, either.

I hope no one who is reading this is in this category of television addicts, but if so, you can always attend my new program called “TA”. It’s a twelve-step program that eliminates all dependency on television, breaks your habit of buying shitloads of merchandise from QVC and HSN on your credit cards, and eliminates any fears you may have, of not being in the loop about what’s going on with your favorite soaps operas.

And if you’ll send me a check for $297 dollars, you can get in this program, but we’re only accepting the first 2,000 applicants. The program is on TV on your very own channel — it’s on every Monday night at 9pm, after the Waltons, on ATV — Addict TV.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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