A copywriting secret that makes your offers FAR more compelling

So last week I’m up in New York City making some videos for my book launch.  One morning, we’re headed over to the New York Sports Club on 36th and Madison, to go workout, and I see a sign on the window of a libra

The sign is promoting a workshop and it says “Get free names of top business executives from large companies.”

And while on the surface this might seem like a compelling offer, rest assured, it is not.

That’s because there’s no tangible benefit to what they’re giving away — nothing results-oriented that’s going to make anyone feel any better about attending that workship.  Because in reality, “free lists of names” isn’t a benefit.

On the other hand, “free qualified leads” is a very compelling benefit.  And “250 Free qualified leads and how to reach them in two days or less!” is an even more compelling benefit, right?

Of course it is.

See, no one wants the thing that gets you to the thing you want, they want the end result of whatever it is you’re selling.

So for example, selling “a front yard straight off the cover of Better Homes and Gardens” is a lot more appealing than selling “landscaping”… “a new youthful face that de-ages you by 20 years” is FAR more compelling than a “microdermabrasion treatment,” and… “the most romantic vacation experience you’ve ever had since your honeymoon” is a lot more compelling than “a second honeymoon.”

Remember, rarely is the process you go through to provide your service, anywhere nearly as important to your prospect, as it is to you.

And knowing why your customers really buy, is the secret to your success at this.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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