5 Essentials of ANY successful ad:

Let’s face it, selling is difficult. But selling in print is incredibly difficult, since you’re stripped of all your non-verbal communication. Your prospect’s ability to get a “gut feel” about whether or not they should trust and believe you… isn’t as available as you’d like.

However, there are certain triggers or appeals you want to have, any time you’re communicating anything to your prospects.

Without these critical appeals, you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell, of selling anything to anyone. Here they are:

1. Self-interest. Your prospect must be thinking to themselves, “I can use something like this…. I can seriously benefit from this product.”

If they’re thinking anything other than that, then see you later. This is why you must understand the difference between features and benefits. Getting bogged down with features may make you feel good — it may make you think like you’re the cat’s meow what with all them bells and whistles… but your prospect could care less.

2. Make things simple.

If your prospect has to work to understand what you’re offering them, then you’re toast. Unless you’re selling water in the desert, no one’s going to work that hard.

Appreciate that this is different from making people qualify, but that’s another topic for another day.

3. Be believable.

Give your prospects reasons why they should believe you. Are their testimonials? Are your claims outlandish or are they within the norm? Are there specific reasons why your prospects should trust you – if so, let ’em know!

4. Arouse curiosity!

Some people are about as interesting as a small soap dish — don’t be this way! Be compelling, be enthusiastic, be provocative!

Leave one strap hanging off your shoulder and arouse curiosity about what it looks like once the remaining strap comes down.

Don’t sell an orange, sell the loveliest ripe fruit you’ve ever seen… whose dimpled skin covers fleshy pulp filled with the sweetest juice God ever created.

Be exciting and arouse curiosity!

5. Lastly, make an offer that’s worthwhile.

Do you like to get good value?

Of course you do, right?

And yet… “Screw the customer” seems to be the mantra of the day!

Let me tell you something, what’s good for the goose, IS good for the gander, so when it comes time to making your offer, make sure you do unto others and all that good stuff, O.K.?

Listen, without these appeals, you’re depending on luck to sell, so take these things very seriously.

Because “luck”… is not… a good business strategy.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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